Reputable Bettendorf, IA Contractor Recommends Home & Business Owners Get a Spring Roof Inspection

Bettendorf, IA Contractor, Quality Control Restoration, recommends now that winter is coming to a close and the temperatures are rising, home and business owners in the area get a spring roof inspection. Each year they see first hand the type of damage that Mother Nature is capable of inflicting on roofs in their part of Iowa over the winter months. Spring roof inspections are necessary to get roofs back to being watertight before wet, rainy Spring and early-Summer weather hits. Best of all, Quality Control Restoration offers their free roof inspection services at no charge so customers have nothing to lose by scheduling one.

Co-Owner of Quality Control Restoration, Larry Anderson, says, “To say Iowa winters cause a lot of problems with roofs is putting it mildly. They are the main reason that Bettendorf roofers such as us are so busy in the spring. Heavy snows are known to cause many problems and ice creates its own issues as it expands after getting between shingles, flashing, and other roof components. That’s why our many years of experience in the roofing industry tells us that every home and business owner in our part of Iowa should consider having a spring roof inspection done. Especially since this service of ours is done for free and without obligation. It will give you the peace-of-mind that you need that your roof is ready to handle the heavy rains that spring will almost certainly bring our way.”

Iowa roof repair company - Quality Control Restoration

Anderson went on to discuss some of the typical roof problems that his company’s roof inspections can identify so they can be resolved. The most obvious is damage to the exterior roof covering. This includes everything from a few pieces of shingle coming off to large sections of a roof covering that have sustained some sort of damage. He stated that they will also check other exterior roof structure components such as soffits for signs of damage or rot. A thorough examination of such important roof leak preventing parts like boots, ridge cap, and flashing will also be undertaken. The company co-owner says that their inspector will even walk the entire roof to see if they feel any spongy areas which may indicate a structural problem under the shingle or other roof covering material. He added that the experienced personnel that conducts their roof inspections know how important it is to have a structurally sound and watertight roof, so they are very meticulous when performing this task.

The company owner went on to mention that they are a full-service company that serves the residential and commercial roofing needs of this in and around the Bettendorf, Iowa areas. One of the specialties is their whole roof replacement services that will greatly improve any roof's looks and its ability to shed water. They are also experts when it comes to applying specialty roof coatings on commercial flat roofs and they never consider any roof repair to be too big, too small, or too complex for them to handle. Quality Control Restoration has a great reputation when it comes to finding and resolving roof leaks and they respond very quickly when a customer calls them after a storm has damaged their roof.

Customers have also been very impressed with the quality of the roofing services that Quality Control Restoration has provided for them. Evidence of that can be seen in the following reviews that were taken from the company’s Google Maps Business Listing. Nicole Furlow stated, “They were absolutely amazing and very professional. They got our roof done in one day and even after the crazy derecho we had last year our shingles still didn't budge. I will never recommend anyone else for roofing in the area!” Jeff Olson wrote, “Dustin Murphy and the whole Quality Control Restoration group did a fantastic job on our roof. Not only did they help guide us thru the process, but they also completed the work in a timely and professional manner. They did a great job installing the new roof and cleaning up when they completed our roofing project.”

Bettendorf area home and business owners that would like more information on the roofing services that Quality Control Restoration offers can contact them by phone, email, or by filling out the form that’s found on their website’s homepage at


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