Renowned Addiction Psychiatrist Jeffrey Simon, MD, Opens New Jersey Outpatient Rehab Services

Renowned addiction psychiatrist Jeffrey Simon, MD, has opened Cherry Hill Recovery Center in Cherry Hill, NJ, to provide outpatient rehab services provided as partial hospitalization (PHP), addiction psychiatry, individual counseling and group counseling, and intensive outpatient (IOP) therapy. Experts at the Pennsylvania Recovery Center are operating the Cherry Hill Recovery Center, leveraging all of their knowledge and experience to provide outpatient drug and alcohol rehab services in New Jersey. More information about the Pennsylvania Recovery Center can be gleaned from their website at

Cherry Hill Recovery Center was launched in response to the urgent need for rehab services in New Jersey. According to the the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), around 9.3 percent of individuals aged 12 or older in New Jersey had a substance use disorder in 2019. The state has also been substantially affected by the opioid epidemic, having reported 3,046 opioid-related overdose fatalities. Alcohol abuse is also a common problem in New Jersey, with alcohol being the primary substance of abuse for 41.8 percent of those admitted to substance abuse treatment programs in 2019. In addition, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health noted that only 10.6 percent of people suffering from substance use disorder in New Jersey received treatment in 2019.

There are various benefits offered by the addiction rehab services provided by Cherry Hill Recovery Center in New Jersey. First of all, they offer a safe and supportive environment, which allows the individuals to put all their efforts on their recovery. The recovery center has a supportive group of peers and professionals who truly understand their difficulties and challenges and can offer guidance and encouragement. Second, medical and mental health professionals who are specialists in addiction treatment offer comprehensive evaluations, individualized treatment plans, and evidence-based therapies that consider both physical and psychological aspects of addiction. More about Cherry Hill Recovery Center may be obtained from their Facebook page at

Third, the recovery center provides structured treatment programs that are personalized based on the individual’s specific needs. These programs often employ a combination of individual therapy, group therapy, holistic therapies, educational sessions, and relapse prevention approaches. These allow the individuals to develop their coping skills, address the root causes of their addiction, and develop a robust foundation for lasting recovery.

Fourth, they offer individuals suffering from an addiction a way to connect with their peers who are also going through similar difficulties. The group therapy sessions and peer support groups promote a sense of community and shared experiences that enable the individuals to receive encouragement, support, and accountability from others who understand what they are going through.

Fifth, the center takes a holistic approach to rehab treatment, taking into consideration the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the problem. Activities such as yoga, art therapy, meditation, and physical fitness programs may be included to enhance overall well-being and personal growth.

Sixth, they offer continued support and aftercare. Ongoing support through resources and referrals is provided to ensure lasting recovery after the individual leaves the rehab facility. These may include outpatient therapy, support groups, and alumni programs.

Cherry Hill Recovery Center was established by Dr. Jeffrey Simon to offer high-quality drug and alcohol rehab services in New Jersey, using a holistic approach that considers the emotional, physical, and psychological aspects of the addiction. Their team of experienced professionals, which include reputable addiction specialists and licensed therapists, is committed to applying evidence-based practices, personalized treatment plans, and compassionate care.

Dr. Jeffrey Simon is a triple trained and highly skilled physician who specializes in addiction treatment and psychiatry. He underwent his general and adult psychiatry residency at the LSU/Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans, right after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, where he provided much needed psychiatric care during the crisis that lasted for many years. After his residency, he undertook his Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Hospital in NY, and Rutgers University/UMDNJ. Furthermore, he underwent a Fellowship in Addiction Medicine and Psychiatry at the Dartmouth-Geisel School of Medicine.

Those who are looking for New Jersey rehab services can check out the Cherry Hill Recovery Center website or contact them on the phone or through email.


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