Remington Tattoo Parlor Creates Beautiful Tattoos In San Diego

San Diego, California based Remington Tattoo Parlor would like to make local residents aware of their services. As one of the most highly rated tattoo studios in the area, Remington is home to a number of talented, experienced and passionate San Diego tattoo artists. The studio specializes in illustrative tattooing, traditional, black & grey, full color and more.

Remington is named after the 1900’s typewriter, and the studio is proud to be one of the best tattoo shops in San Diego that has managed to maintain this standard for a decade. “We honor the heritage and history of tattooing and look to make each person comfortable during their visit,” the tattoo parlor says. “We use sterilized equipment, new needles and inks for every client, every time. Your artist will also be happy to answer any questions you have about your procedure and the aftercare of your new tattoo. We cater to a wide variety of tattooing styles. Each artist has their strengths for a variety of styles, so we encourage you to meet the artists to learn more about each of their styles.”

The tattoo studio is home to a number of highly qualified, experienced artists. Terry Ribera, the founder of the tattoo parlor, has been tattooing since 2001 and focuses mainly on cover up tattoos. Born in San Francisco, Terry has been creating art for as long as he can remember and comes from a family of talented artists. He opened Remington Tattoo in July of 2011 and the parlor has produced highly quality pieces of work for dozens of customers.

“Over the years, I have worked in many of the world recognized tattoo shops,” says Terry. “During the last 13 years, I have focused most of my career on illustrative tattooing. My interest in large scale custom tattooing has taken me across the country and made me an internationally recognized tattoo artist. My interest in Art Nouveau, Illustrative Tattoo work, Biomechanical, Japanese and Asian tattooing has allowed me to grow as an artist and become one of San Diego’s best tattoo artists. My distinct and instantly recognizable style has been a culmination of many years of hard work and study. Today, I spend much of my free time painting in oil and showing my work in various galleries across the country.”

Some of the other artists at Remington include John Sabin, who has been obsessed with self-expression for years, Sarah Genereux who has been tattooing professionally for 15 years and many others with several years of experience and a great deal of passion for the art of tattooing. Many of the tattoo shop’s clients have had a lot to say about their experiences with these artists.

“I had an awesome experience at Remington,” says a Google review from one of the parlor’s clients. “Terry did my work, and in addition to being a very gifted artist, he is patient, professional and knowledgeable in his field. From his vast experience, he knows what types of tattoos and colors work best and stand the test of time. He covered most of my back with a custom design, and I always get compliments on his incredible work. I sat for 10 hours total, and I have to say he made it as pleasant as possible. Definitely book here if you want an amazing tattoo that will last.”

Another client, Tanya, shares that, “I have had two of my tattoos done by Jasmine. I absolutely love the way they both came out! I love what she designs for me based on my general ideas. I completely trust her to take my big picture and put her own style into it. The colors are so vibrant and the detail is incredible! Her communication is great and she responds to me so quickly. My tattoos have healed so well and there hasn’t been any fading at all. I have more tattoos I want, and I will definitely be going to Jasmine!”

For more information on the San Diego tattoo parlor, visit Remington Tattoo Parlor’s website. This online platform has a great deal of information on tattooing and images of all the artists’ work.


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