Reign CBD Is Offering A Wide Range Of CBD Oil Products And CBD Gummies

The Reign CBD, a CBD products manufacturer from New York, is offering a wide range of CBD infused products such as tinctures, topicals, gummies, capsules, and more. The company is encouraging customers to try out its products and pick the category that is most suitable for them.

The Reign CBD claims to provide premium grade CBD products of the purest and highest quality. The 100% organically grown US hemp used as raw materials are sourced from farms located throughout the Midwest, including its main 300-acre farm in Oregon. The Reign CBD products are produced in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified facilities, which is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards.

The Reign CBD claims its products meet the highest standards by being third party lab tested. The company’s products are tested to contain no harsh chemicals, no pesticides, and no metals. The products are also non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and boast less than .03% of THC. The products are tested using high-performance liquid chromatography (HLCP), which is a technique used to separate, identify, and quantify each component in a mixture. Through this technique, the company tests to make sure that it is providing the purest product for its customers.

The company also provides Certificates of Analysis (COA) for all of its products. The COAs can be easily accessed by consumers by scanning a QR code that is found on every product. The company says that its customers can also read and understand more about its processes by visiting the quality testing section on its website. In that section, customers can get information regarding the company’s products as well as get access to the lab reports.

Kristian Prenga, a spokesperson for the company says, “Our main focus throughout this entire journey is to ensure a healthy and natural lifestyle. We are consumers first and we only create the products that we ourselves would like to use. There is a lot of uncertainty and fear regarding CBD products as consumers are not well informed. Our core mission is to educate and provide the CBD market with high-quality and trustworthy products. We believe, by offering these products to the market, we will be able to help our customers find a natural alternative to reach homeostasis, both physically and mentally.”

The company claims its Reign Vegan CBD Gummies are a fun and delicious way of consuming CBD. The CBD gummies are made with citrus pectin which also offers nutritional fiber benefits as well. There is 25 mg of hemp-derived CBD per gummy. The company claims that it offers the benefits of CBD with a taste like candy. The ingredients used to make them are natural syrup, natural sugar, water, citrus pectin, natural flavor and color, hemp-derived cannabidiol, citric acid, and malic acid. The company recommends taking 1 or 2 gummies daily, preferably with a meal. It recommends not exceeding 2 gummies in a day. A bottle of gummies contains 30 gummies each. All the gummies are vegan-friendly and THC free.

The company’s Reign CBD capsules let customers enjoy all the benefits of its CBD oil, without the taste, in an easy to take capsule. The company claims that the liquid capsules are carefully formulated to ensure customers get the best results per serving. Each capsule contains 25mg of 100% organically grown full-spectrum CBD oil. The company says it is ideal for individuals who are looking to consume an exact amount of CBD. The capsules are designed to be easy to take and swallow which makes it one of the more efficient ways of taking CBD. The capsules contain less than 0.3% THC, are vegan-friendly, and gluten-free. The company claims that the capsules support the immune system, help to relieve discomfort, improve mood, and ease anxious feelings. The ingredients used in the capsules are full-spectrum hemp extract, medium-chain triglycerides, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, and silicon dioxide.

A complete list of the company’s CBD products can be viewed on its website at The company can be reached at its phone number (914) 455-4010.


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