Reel Time Fishing Offers Tips & Techniques for Fishing Springer Salmon on the Wind River

Reel Time Fishing, a company that offers personalized fishing trips for a wide range of fishes in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, has published a YouTube video that documents the best techniques for fishing springer salmon on the Wind River, a spot that offers great fishing opportunities in a beautiful setting near Stevenson, Washington.

Wind River, located not too far from Drano Lake, comes into the Columbia River by the town of Stevenson, Washington. The Columbia River is one of the largest rivers in North America with a wide variety of fish species. The company says that it fishes for salmon and steelhead from the mouth to the end of the line at Grand Coulee dam. On the Columbia River, Reel Time Fishing fishes out of Astoria, Hood River, Biggs, and Rufus in Oregon, from the Tri-Cities, Pasco, Richland, Kennewick, Ringold, and Vernita in Washington.

Reel Time Fishing is owned and operated by Toby Wyatt, who joins NWFR’s (Northwest Fishing Report) Rob Holman on the fishing trip that is filmed in the YouTube video. In the video, Toby discusses how he fishes at the mouth of the Wind River for spring salmon and the baits and tackles that he uses for the purpose. There is a hatchery nearby that outputs a decent yield, allowing those with a fishing license to avail of a two-fish springer salmon limit, which Toby acknowledges in the video is a considerable fishing opportunity.

During the video, Toby also dispenses several nuggets of wisdom that should make fishing more productive and enjoyable for those looking to head over to Wind River for an adventure themselves. For example, at the start of the video, Toby recommends thoroughly washing the plugs used for bait because it removes the human scent from them that could drive away any potential prey. Toby also describes the weather that he frequently encounters while fishing on the Wind River and the techniques he uses to stay safe and avoid the worst that mother nature has to offer. Toby recommends starting in the morning as it gives those looking to fish on the Wind River enough time to take an occasional break from the wind which can get chilly during certain times of the year.

The video later shows one rider on the trip snagging a catch and the struggle that ensues when she tries to reel in the fish onto the boat. Toby comments that the Wind River springers are known to put up a tough fight. When the fish finally gets caught, the party finds out that it is a wild one and thus must be released back into the water or they might be ticketed for it. Just moments later in the video, to the group’s delight, it manages to catch one more fish which turns out to be from the hatchery. As the video progresses, the group manages to catch a few more fish to end the day on a successful note.

Rob addresses the viewers of the video towards the end of the trip by saying, “This is such a unique fishery experience amongst beautiful scenery on the Columbia River. This is a true Northwest classic and we are committed to bringing you highlights from these top fisheries with the top guys in the business like Toby from Reel Time Fishing to help you catch more fish. It has been an awesome day out here today. Thank you, Toby, for bringing us out here.”

Reel Time Fishing specializes in personalized fishing trips for steelhead, salmon, sturgeon, smallmouth bass, walleye, and kokanee. Reel Time Fishing operates in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington on the Clearwater, Snake, Columbia, Grande Ronde rivers, and Dworshak Reservoir using powerboats and drifting boats to guide clients to the best fishing. Most of the company’s fishing takes place out of Lewiston, Idaho, and Clarkston, Washington, but it is not uncommon to see a Reel Time boat anywhere in the Northwest.

Toby Wyatt can be reached at the phone number 208-790-2128 or the email address for all inquiries regarding tours and timings.


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