Redmond, Oregon Plumbing Company Shows People How To Baby-Proof Their Plumbing

A plumbing company in Redmond, Washington named My Plumbing Redmond, is committed to helping its readers with all their plumbing concerns. This includes having to baby-proof their plumbing. This may seem like a weird thing to people who didn’t have to do it for when they had kids, but there are some significant benefits to taking a few of these steps and the article explains how.

The site stated the following regarding the benefits of baby-proofing people’s plumbing, “Speaking of prepared, have you prepared your home’s plumbing for your new family member? That probably seems like an odd question to ask. Plumbing may seem like the one thing you don’t have to spend time preparing for the arrival of a newborn baby. Believe it or not, however, your home’s plumbing can affect the comfort of your newborn very much. Everything about caring for a baby gets easier when everyone’s living in a comfortable and safe space. Plumbing is very much a huge part of that. You can best prepare your home’s plumbing for a new baby with the following tips we’ve gathered over the years of professional plumbing services.”

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Following that paragraph, these are the tips the company wanted to provide its readers, “Diaper sprayers are a special, eco-friendly tool installed on bathroom toilets to help clean dirty diapers. These sprayers can offer parents massive amounts of home convenience, especially if you use cloth diapers. Diaper sprayers act like mini hand-controlled shower heads for quick, easy clean-up of soiled diapers so you can reuse them again. Installing a water softener is in the best interest of everyone in your home. The minerals that are found in hard water quickly dry out skin and hair. It’s also rougher to bathe with because you need a lot more scrubbing to get a good lather going. This may prove particularly irritating to babies. Avoid potential problems by having a whole home water softener installed. Your baby won’t only get healthier skin, they’ll also appreciate it very much because it just shows how much you love them.”

As stated by the company, baby-proofing your plumbing revolves around making sure that their skin is protected. Tap water often contains chemicals such as chlorine to disinfect it but some of those chemicals may be harmful to your baby’s skin. Baby skin is very sensitive and can be irritated by the simplest of things, even slight chemical content in the water.

A good point the article makes about baby-proofing your plumbing is this, “Additionally, new parents are going to want to get toilet cover locks. These will help once their little one starts to learn how to walk. They keep babies away from dangerous water and keep them from throwing anything down the drain that can cause clogs.” When toddlers start learning how to talk, toilet cover locks become more of a concern because they have the ability to walk and clog up the toilet themselves.

The site also stated that these changes do not all need to be permanent. Even small changes such as installing baby-safe faucets that limit how much they can open it are going to do wonders to people’s baby’s safety. When the baby turns into a toddler and can have more independence, parents can simply replace these faucets to your regular ones. It’s that simple. The company emphasizes that these tips will help first-time parents more than those who will be having their second or third or fourth baby.


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