Recently Posted Toronto IV Lounge Blog Discusses How Amino Acid IV Therapy May Benefit Athletes

The IV Lounge is always looking for ways to educate people in the Toronto area on the advantages that their IV therapy services may offer them. Often this is done through the use of informational blogs. A good example of this is a recent blog post that was added to their website which is titled ‘5 Reasons Why Athletes Should Consider Amino Acid IV Therapy’. It’s a blog that does a nice job of going over why so many athletes are turning to potentially beneficial amino acid IV therapy.

amino acid iv therapy for athletes

This IV therapy center’s naturopathic doctor and head IV therapist, Dr. Amauri Caversan, ND, says, “Recently, we have continually talked about the potential amino acid IV therapy has to help athletes and others that are in training. As a result of this type of information, The IV Lounge and other IV therapy facilities across Canada are seeing athletes turn to them for amino acid IV treatments. Hence, we published a new blog post on our website that goes into more detail about the potential benefits that amino acid IV therapy might offer to athletes.”

In this newly posted blog, it starts by saying that IV therapy is one of the ways to get amino acids directly into blood vessels. That’s why this form of IV therapy has the potential to help athletes with recovery and reaching other health goals too. It also went on to describe the 20 essential amino acids that the body needs as the ‘building blocks of life and how each of them has a different impact on a human body. The first way that was brought up in the article where amino acid IV therapy may benefit an athlete is by supporting energy levels. This has the potential to give athletes a boost before and after workouts, training sessions, or during actual sporting events. Amino acid IV therapy is also thought to help with potential muscle recovery by increasing muscle protein synthesis. This may help with speeding up the healing time for injured muscles and diminish the time it takes to return to training. Also mentioned as an amino acid therapy potential benefit for athletes is building ideal muscle mass. Something which almost every athlete seeks ways to accomplish. Being lean and optimizing muscle mass when possible is thought to be directly related to performance on the field. The new blog also discussed the role that amino acid IV therapy may play in increasing hydration in the body because of how these drips are designed to be electrolyte balanced. Wrapping up the potential benefits of amino acid IV therapy in the new blog is how these therapies may perfect cognitive function while playing a sport.

Dr. Amauri Caversan, ND, also mentioned that he is rendering these therapies with his co-service provider, Arv Buttar, NP. Their functional medicine and integrative health approach helps them provide their clients the ideal support to revitalize their health and wellness.

Other treatments that The IV Lounge offers that may benefit a person include custom-designed IV drips, high dose IV vitamin c, anti-aging IV drips, detoxifying IV drips and IV therapies that may help to manage migraines & have potential relaxation benefits.

Those in the Toronto area that are looking for more information on the services that The IV Lounge offers can find more details here that were presented in a recent press release. They can also fill out the form that’s found on The IV Lounge website’s ‘contact us’ page, call them, or send them an email.


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