Reason 2 Smile Dental Office: How Coronavirus Lockdowns Can Impact Dental Health

Reason 2 Smile Dental, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, would like to address how lockdowns caused by the coronavirus can have an impact on one’s dental health. The dental clinic has always taken measures to ensure that their community is comfortable and safe. It is in this same spirit that they address this topic for the betterment of the community. Learn more here:

The dental clinic, though based in Salt Lake City, UT, also serves the surrounding towns and neighborhoods, such as Mill Creek, Murray and Zions Park. The clinic makes it a point to address the importance of good dental habits during lockdown in order to help prevent causing or worsening dental issues. They aim to keep the community informed until a point where patients may come for appointments with no restrictions. The reach of the clinic also extends to regions such as Woodside Heights, Winter Meadows, Arcadian Park and Smithfield.

Reason 2 Smile Dental provides a wide range of services and is always available to address the dental needs and emergencies of their community. They are a family dental clinic that specializes in general dentistry, which is why they would like to advise their community regarding dental habits. Due to the coronavirus lockdowns, the clinic acknowledges that many were not able to leave their homes for dental appointments. However, the team at the clinic urges the community to continue their daily dental hygiene habits without fail. A majority have experienced disturbances in day to day routines, which in many cases has led to laziness in maintaining dental hygiene as well. The clinic emphasizes the importance of maintaining their oral health, as one may not be able to see an emergency dentist or orthodontist during lockdown.

The dental clinic caters to all manners of patients and has taken the initiative to ensure that patients may experience a pain free dentist appointment. The clinic also offers sedation dentistry for minor procedures, such as tooth extraction. This option is particularly beneficial to patients who are nervous or experiencing severe pain. The clinic offers services such as cleanings, teeth polishing and cavity checks, while ensuring that the patients leave with proper instructions on caring for their teeth.

Reason 2 Smile Dental also offers many options of restorative dentistry, including fillings, crowns, bridges and root canal treatments. Periodontal therapy and laser therapy are also some of the options available at the clinic — as well as emergency dental treatments. The clinic also offers many forms of cosmetic dentistry. Patients may opt for new veneers, procedures such as teeth whitening and also straightening teeth with Invisalign. Options such as porcelain crowns and prosthetics are also available at the clinic. Learn more here:

The clinic is run by Dr. Andrew Vernon, a dentist who makes it a point to stay informed about the latest technology, techniques and training in the field. He and his professional staff take great satisfaction in helping their community achieve and maintain a bright, beautiful smile. The team is committed to caring for each patient’s teeth, and to quote the clinic website, are determined, “to give you the best-looking set of pearly whites with the least amount of discomfort, emotional stress and financial anxiety.” The trusted dental practice strives to provide affordable dental care for families — children and adults alike. Dr. Vernon and his team perform general and specialized family dentistry services at the care practice in Salt Lake City. The clinic also offers discounts, which are available to low-income families or other patients who do not have insurance, allowing everyone to receive the quality dental care they need at an affordable cost. This offer is one that would be particularly welcome after periods of lockdown.

Melissa Adams, a former patient, speaks highly of the clinic in her testimonial (which is proudly shared on the website). She says, “Choosing a new dentist for my kids was nerve-racking. A friend recommended Reason To Smile Dental, and I’m so glad I took her advice. Dr. Vernon and his staff were very friendly and efficient. My nine-year-old daughter was very anxious about having X-Rays taken. Because of this, the dental assistant decided to take several smaller X-Rays instead of making her use the bite-wing, which is too large for her mouth. Dr. Vernon was very patient with her and took the time to explain each step of the exam, which made her feel very comfortable. She is actually looking forward to her next visit.”

To get more details about Reason 2 Smile Dental, see this press release. More information about the services and products offered by Dr. Vernon and his team are available at the Reason 2 Smile Dental website. One may also call or email the clinic directly for further inquiries.


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