Reason 2 Smile Available For Those Looking For Dentist Office Near Me

Salt Lake City, UT-based Reason 2 Smile Dental is pleased to announce that their services are available to those who need to see a dentist nearby. More information about Reason 2 Smile Dental can be found here:

As noted on their website, Reason 2 Smile Dental is one of the top dental clinics in Salt Lake City that offers a wide range of services designed to address every patient’s dental needs. The practice is headed by Dr. Andrew M. Vernon, a native Salt Laker who graduated top of his class from the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health. He then proceeded to complete a post-graduate hospital residency at the University of Utah Medical Center. Dr. Vernon decided to go back to his local community and practice in the Salt Lake area after completing his hospital residency.

One of Reason 2 Smile Dental’s services is teeth whitening. A person may have taken great care of their own teeth and undergone regular cleanings, checkups and dental treatments, but they can still discover that their teeth are not as white as they want them to be. Fortunately, Reason 2 Smile Dental offers an easy solution in the form of two highly effective tooth whitening treatments.

The first of these is the Boost tooth whitening system that is used as an in-office whitening treatment. Boost is a powerfully formulated bleaching gel that Reason 2 Smile Dental applies directly to the patient’s teeth. Their patients do not need to do much as they can simply relax for 20 minutes once the gel has been put in place. The gel can then be reapplied as needed, and the patient’s teeth are thoroughly rinsed after the final treatment. The Boost tooth whitening process usually takes about an hour to complete, and results in an average of 8 shades of whitening. The other treatment is the Opalescence tooth whitening system. Opalescence is a tooth-whitening gel that patients can take home. This potassium nitrate and fluoride whitener allows patients to reach professional teeth whitening results in as little as 30 minutes from the comfort of their home.

Reason 2 Smile Dental also offers emergency dental care. Some may be afraid of emergency dental treatments as they think that these treatments are painful follow-ups to already unpleasant accidents. Reason 2 Smile Dental assures their community that the processes and treatments they use are as pain-free as possible. The clinic specializes in several regenerative dentistry procedures and techniques such as crowns, veneers and implants. Anyone can suffer from accidents and injuries that require immediate professional attention, and Reason 2 Smile Dental is always prepared to help a patient in need.

The practice also offers other dental services, such as Invisalign, family dental care and more. They have received great reviews from their patients.

Ivanka Kostial says in a 5-Star Google review, “Dr. Vernon and his entire staff are nothing short of amazing. Everyone in their beautiful office is so unbelievably friendly, kind and professional. They truly treat their patients as family. Dr. Vernon is not only skilled and experienced but also incredibly patient and thorough. He will explain your options in detail and help you make educated choices without ever making you feel rushed. Just had a root canal done by him, and I hardly felt a thing. What an incredible job with the numbing! Unreal.”

The review continues, “During my procedure, I was watching a comedy and trying not to laugh and move too much. Have you ever had the urge to laugh in the middle of a root canal? I’ve seen more than my fair share of dentists (in various states across the country) and can safely say that this has been the best experience with a dental office I’ve ever had. They might have even cured my long standing dental phobia, along with my tooth problem. Top-notch pros. They will certainly be seeing more of me, and I will be recommending them to friends and family.”

Ashley Brown writes in another 5-Star Google review, “I'm terrified of the dentist — fear of needles plus bad experiences at other dentists. I was dreading this appointment. The whole staff is so kind and patient, they didn't make me feel bad at all for tearing up. I'm used to needing the max anesthetic, but they got me numb quickly, and after that I didn't feel a thing. Strongly recommend them, especially for people who hate the dentist.”

Those looking for a walk-in dentist may check out Reason 2 Smile Dental through their website and social media platforms today. More information about the dental office can also be found at

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