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Real Estate Note Investing is offering advice on real estate notes and finding a course on note investing. A real estate note is actually an IOU with real property used as security. This type of note investing has gained in popularity during the last few years primarily because of the large amount of non-performing notes that have become available in the market.

There are two primary ways of investing in notes. The first one is carry back or owner financed note investing, which is where the property seller carried back a promissory note during the sale of a piece of real estate property. The other way is through non performing note investing, which became very popular as a result of the real estate crash of 2008. This latter method of note investing mainly focuses on looking for notes that are in default and try to bring the note back in some form of performance. Most of the non performing notes are actually institutional notes from big banks like Wells Fargo or Bank of America.

There are a number of types of real estate notes. One of these is the single family home real estate notes – owner occupied. These notes are secured using a single family home that is owner occupied and it is usually the most desirable for note investors or note buyers. These are usually the most secure form of real estate notes, which is why investors prefer them over the other forms of real estate notes. Homeowners are the typical payor for this kind of notes and they currently live in the home.

There are also the single family home real estate notes that are non owner occupied. These are real estate notes where the payor does not live in the real estate property that is used as security. Since the payer is not living in that single family home, note buyers and note investors view this as an investment with a higher risk. This is because the payor is not at risk of losing his or her home. Thus, they will discount the real estate note more than if it was owner occupied.

Real estate note investing may also be possible with duplex, triplex, or fourplex real properties, which are usually non owner occupied. These real estate notes are usually held when a real estate investor sells a property to another investor. The seller may carry a portion or all of the real estate financing when selling to the other investor. This type of real estate note investing also carries a higher risk because it is non owner occupied and the payor is not at risk of losing a home. The discount on this type of note will also be higher should the note holder want to sell the note.

Meanwhile, when looking for a real estate note investing course, it is important to make sure that the course will cover all of the basics. Topics that need to included in the course include: how to find real estate promissory notes; how to make offers on real estate notes or real estate financing notes; how to find investors for the real estate note found; using one’s IRA to buy real estate notes; using other people’s IRA to buy real estate notes; how to structure one’s real estate note deals; and how to use land trust to buy and sell real estate notes.

It should be noted that finding real estate notes can be done online or offline. Direct mail is the most effective offline method for find a real estate note that one can buy or broker. There are various companies that sell lists of people who hold real estate notes and these lists can be purchased.

And then there are two most effective online methods for finding real estate notes. These are the PPC advertising strategies and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.

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