Real Estate Law Firm Sishodia PLLC Opens New Location in Dutchess County

New York: Attorney Natalia Sishodia of Sishodia PLLC, a real estate law firm serving the New York area, recently expanded her practice to include the office in Dutchess County. "This is an exciting time for us," said Ms. Sishodia. "We are looking forward to being able to serve our clients better with this expansion."

The new location in Dutchess Country will be serving clients who may need help with residential and commercial transactions, including buying or selling homes as well as leasing commercial buildings. The real estate attorney also mentioned, "We have seen significant growth over the last five years that has led us to expand our services.”

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Moreover, Ms. Sishodia talks about real estate attorneys representing the seller. A Dutchess County attorney can draft the contract on behalf of the seller. After reviewing the contract, the real estate attorney will explain to the seller all details. The contract is often drafted using a standard form. However, the terms and conditions can be modified or negotiated with buyers.

After parties have signed the contract, and the downpayment has been paid, a seller’s real estate attorney must advise their client on disclosure requirements. New York's Property Condition Disclosure Act demands that the seller disclose any defects to the property. A home inspection is not mandatory for sellers, but failure to report any known defects can lead to legal liability.

Furthermore, real estate attorneys can also represent the buyers. A real estate attorney in Dutchess County, as an attorney for the buyer, will review the contract first with the client. Although most contracts follow a standard format, there are often modifications and riders that can be added to the contract. These may have implications for the transaction or can be negotiated between the seller and the buyer.

Once parties have signed the contract, the down payment must be made and the seller's representative or attorney must hold it in escrow. The buyer's lawyer should also inform their clients about any possible scenarios in which they could lose their deposit money if they decide to walk away from the transaction.

The buyer's attorney will assist them in doing the necessary due diligence to ensure the property is properly valued, free from title defects, and does not require significant repairs or corrections.

New York law makes it mandatory that every realty transaction includes a real estate attorney. Although the seller's realtor is usually responsible for preparing the contract, the buyer’s lawyer will review the terms and make sure that the buyer is comfortable signing it. The buyer's agent will amend the contract if necessary and then forward it to the seller. Once all details have been agreed to, the down payment can be accepted and the contract will become effective.

To know more about real estate law and Sishodia PLLC’s new location in Dutchess County, you can visit their website.

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