Real Estate I Buyers Helps Portland, OR Homeowners Sell Homes Fast With New Website

The Portland, Oregon-based real estate consultants Portland Corporate Buyers are pleased to announce that they've listened to customer feedback and have now launched a whole new website which provides an easy and fast method for homeowners to sell their properties. The company serves the greater Portland metro area, offering lightning-fast closing times by lining up motivated sellers with cash buyers who are ready to close as quickly as needed.

A representative for Portland Corporate Buyers says, “Whatever reason you want to sell your home in Portland — if you want it done fast — you need an iBuyer service like Portland Corporate Buyers who can get it done as fast as possible and hassle-free, while giving you the best value for your property. Our network of real estate iBuyers will ensure that your home gets a competitive cash offer.”

iBuyers — or instant buyers — are cash buyers who are ready and willing to close on properties as quickly as needed, or on the seller’s timeline. Working with iBuyers offers homeowners a way to sell their house without listing it or dealing with low ball offers and unreliable buyers. This program is especially appealing for those who need to get rid of an unwanted house but do not want to deal with the transactional hassles of selling (nor give it away or take unnecessary losses).

Portland Corporate Buyers leverages a network of contacts, built up over a long career in real estate, and they use their extensive experience to vet only the best buyers to work with. They state that their focus is on character, honesty, integrity and reliability so that the cash buyers they choose to partner with bring the best possible offers to their sellers.

Selling a property to the company is an uncomplicated and straightforward process. The first step is to submit the required property information, and the company will schedule a quick walkthrough, following which the homeowners will have three competing cash offers to evaluate from dependable corporate consumers. These will all be no-obligation offers. If the homeowners choose to accept the offer, they can set the closing date and, within a week, they’ll have the cash in hand and the property sold.

Portland Corporate Buyers also assures that the homeowners need not worry about cleaning or renovations. The company representative says, “We understand that, for any number of reasons, you might not be able to take care of renovations and repairs before you sell the house — something that you will absolutely have to deal with if you are trying to sell the property through a real estate agent or a listing. However, that is not the case with us. The last thing you need to deal with on top of getting this sale done as fast as possible is a big cleaning or repair project, which is why we’ve got you covered.”

Whether it is properties that have been vacant for long periods and just need some attention, damage done by previous tenants or any other kind of situation, Portland Corporate Buyers will take care of it. Since their sales contract will include the property to be sold-as-is, cleaning and repairs will not be the homeowner’s issues to resolve.

The services provided by Portland Corporate Buyers have earned them praise from their clients. A review on their website from Natalie T. reads, “I accepted a new job in California and wanted to know how to sell my house fast in Portland. I was Googling things like ‘Cash home buyers Portland,’ ‘Can you sell your home without listing it?’ and came across the services of Portland Real Estate Instant Buyers. They were a great team of friendly professionals who answered all my questions and were able to eventually take the home off my hands in no time. I really can’t thank them enough!”

In another review, Sabrina C. says, “I looked on pretty much every website I could think of, like and and finally came across Portland Real Estate Instant Buyers who seemed reliable and transparent about their work, and they definitely were! They helped me with a no-hassle home sale in Portland, because I was trying to get rid of an inherited house. It was easy, convenient and they're guaranteed to close on the house, and I was able to sell with no repairs needed!”

Those who want to learn more about Portland Corporate Buyers and their services are welcome to read further at the following link: They encourage interested parties to get in touch with them directly via email or phone. The company can also be reached through the contact form on their website.


For more information about Portland Corporate Buyers, contact the company here:

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