Real Estate Company Publishes Blog Post Explaining Purchase Agreements

Dennis Martin, a highly rated real estate investor, published a blog post that addresses the question of What Is The Difference Between a Real Estate Purchase Agreement and an Offer.

As the home buyer discusses in the post, the response to the question pivots on the fact that while an offer is preliminary, the real estate purchase agreement must include all the details negotiated during the process of the sale.

real estate purchase agreement

In particular, the investors says: “While your real estate offer will typically be drawn up by your real estate agent using the Standard Form of Real Estate Sales Contract, the purchase agreement should be drawn up by a lawyer. The Purchase agreement may include your financing contingency, closing costs and other expenses, home inspection contingency, and closing date. It may, depending on the circumstances, also include a sale of your own home contingency.”

Real estate transactions are known for their complex character and necessitate a great deal of diligence and know-how in order to minimize the potential for future problems.

Regarding buying and selling a home, Christine Matus said: “Purchasing or selling real estate is one of the largest financial transactions most people will make during their lifetime. But a home is so much more than just an investment. It is also the place where you raise your family, protect their future, and ensure a prosperous retirement and a legacy for future generations. By hiring an experienced New Jersey real estate attorney, you are protecting your investment and your family’s future.”

Dependable Homebuyers works hard to make sure every fact of a real estate transaction is thoroughly assessed. This may, at times, include reviewing past transactions, property title, town bylaws, and the inspection documents.

Dependable Homebuyers is widely known for the commitment they show their clients. Through their experienced home buyers, the company is not only able to quickly make an offer, but they will buy it for more than any other real estate investor. In short, they are able to offer clients a simple home selling process. RLP’s experience also gives them the ability to simplify the buying process as much as possible for their clients by devising strategies to overcome the related personal and financial obstacles. As a result, the real estate company is often able to achieve incredibly swift closing times, a benefit that is shared with their clients. Those looking to see a list of their real estate listings can visit

Due to these reasons and more, investors and residents of the area often state that they prefer to work with Dependable Homebuyers. They boast a significant number of success stories, as the community has not hesitated to express their appreciation for the real estate expert's services. One of their most recent stories comes from Ryan F., who says, "I was looking for someone to buy my house. They managed to finish the paperwork in record time, which was extremely helpful for me as my previous contract was just about to finish and I desperately needed a new place to move to. Overall, they are a great company and I recommend them."

Dennis Martin says, “If you are thinking you need an easier way to sell your house, and avoid the hassle of listing, we can help. We work with homeowners in various situations such as divorce, foreclosure, relocation, job loss, a home that needs repairs, fire damaged homes, homes with bad tenants, or any other reason you might want to sell your house fast. We buy houses in any condition. Most importantly, we buy these houses for cash. Our home buying process is designed to enable you to sell your house in days instead of months.”

Dependable Homebuyers endeavors to treat all their clients in a way that exceeds the manner of a typical we buy houses. Likewise, the company prides itself on its commitment to clients, a thoughtful and caring approach to helping their clients.

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