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Roseville, Minnesota based Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services is pleased to announce that they are providing expert appraisal services for the residents of Minneapolis and the surrounding communities. The real estate appraiser has more than 40 years of experience in Commercial, Industrial, Land, Legal and Multi-Family Residential Appraisal.

Clarke Goset, owner and representative for Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services, says, “While it is broadly expected that the Fed will increase rates and that such rate increases will, in turn, affect mortgage values and in turn valuations, nothing is written into stone yet. There are a lot of moving parts to how the Fed operates and makes decisions on rates, and with the situation in Ukraine developing day by day, there may be unanticipated effects that may alter the Fed’s decisions. However, you have nothing to worry about. Whatever occurs at the Fed, Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services can always be relied on to complete your appraisal in a timely and accurate manner.”

He continues, “Real estate appraisal is one of the most difficult tasks in the industry. Even two properties that are right next to each other, have the exact same layout and have been built with the same materials may not be valued similarly. There are a lot of little factors that influence a certain property’s appraised value. The price can wildly vary depending on several criteria that depend on the property’s utility, functionality and versatility. All of these complicated moving pieces mean that if you have an inexperienced person doing your real estate appraisal, you are more than likely to get the wrong value. You do not want that; you want someone who you can trust to make sure that the work is done accurately and reliably.”

Clarke Goset and his team have been keeping track of values for decades. They have the experience and skill to not only appreciate a real property for what it is (or could be) worth, but they are also well versed in the vagaries of the market and valuations and how they are affected by changing interest rates. At Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services, Goset and his team provides accurate values for any and all kinds of properties.

Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services offers their assistance all over the state of Minnesota and provides authoritative real property appraisals for all types of properties, including Commercial & Industrial, Residential, and Land & Development Properties. Additionally, Goset himself also offers a variety of legal appraisal services and has lent his expertise to government agencies, tax entities, financial institutions, legal and accounting firms and more. Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services has handled residential real estate appraisals for a wide variety of properties, from small city homes to multi-million dollar mansions in the Greater Minnesota area. As a commercial real estate appraiser, the company has performed hundreds of commercial and industrial property appraisals in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro Area and around Minnesota.

The services provided by Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services have earned them a lot of praise from their clients. In a top-rated Google review, Samuel Olmstead writes, “I called for some insight on remodeling regarding increasing the value of the home, and Clark was extremely cordial and helpful knowing that he was merely spending his time to educate me and give me valuable and actionable information.”

Meanwhile, Peter Palmer says, “Clarke Goset did a superb job on a project of ours, taking the time to evaluate some tricky easement issues that affected the use of part of a parcel we were developing. His knowledge and expertise helped establish a fair value all parties could agree to.”

Those who wish to learn more about Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services and the various services they provide can find more information on the company’s website: Additionally, they encourage interested parties to get in touch with Clark Goset directly via email or phone. Social media users can also find Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal Services on Facebook where they frequently post updates, share blog posts and stay up to date with their community.


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