Real Deal Therapy & Wellness Provides Top Rated Addiction Treatment in Dallas TX

Real Deal Therapy & Wellness, an outpatient rehab center in Richardson, TX, is happy to announce that they are offering top rated addiction treatment in Dallas and surrounding areas. Based on the philosophy that substance abuse and mental health disorders usually go hand in hand, they have a multi-disciplinary team with a wide base of experience that offers a mental health focused treatment to cut addiction’s hold on the patient. Because of their one-of-a-kind long-term focus, practical life skills programming, and self-alignment approach, the Real Deal Outpatient Rehab approach is fast being recognized as a top rated treatment approach.

Steph, a spokesperson for Real Deal Therapy & Wellness, says, “Substance abuse and mental health problems go hand in hand. In fact, over half of people with severe mental illness also have a substance use disorder. Many people in addiction are desperately attempting to self-medicate. Untreated mental health problems are often the reason for the development of an addiction, and in turn, addiction accelerates those same problems, sometimes, even creating new problems in its wake. This is why we utilize a multi-disciplinary team with a broad base of experience that provides mental health focused treatment to sever addiction’s hold.”

Addiction Treatment

The experts at Real Deal Therapy & Wellness have a different view of treatment from other addiction treatment providers. They offer an individualized program, where they work closely with the patient with the goal of using the person’s strengths to develop healthy coping skills and be able to give up destructive habits. Their approach is also productivity-focused, which means that they provide a structure for the patients’ lives to allow them to establish lasting habits that will support them through their mental health recovery. They will ensure that real world results are addressed from start to finish, with a thorough collaborative planning for treatment.

They provide a non-vanilla approach to addiction treatment where recovery is considered to be a holistic process that involves the body, mind, and spirit. All three must be addressed, or else, the destruction cycles of addiction will not be broken. Thus, at Real Deal Therapy & Wellness, they take into account every angle of addiction, from the management of behavioral triggers, to changing negative thought patterns, to discovering one’s personal meaning.

The treatment methods used include: detox; inpatient treatment; outpatient treatment; and individual therapy. Detox is an important phase of addiction treatment. It is designed help the patients remove themselves from a drug for certain period of time. It usually lasts for 24 to 48 hours although it may vary depending on a number of factors. Drug and alcohol detox has various effects on the mind and body, which are typically pain, addiction cravings, and negative thoughts. That is why patients are carefully monitored while undergoing detox.

Meanwhile, depending on what is the most beneficial for a particular patient’s recovery, what will be provided is partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient procedure (IOP), or outpatient rehab. The highest level of PHP treatment is where the patient goes in everyday for five to seven days a week. People who complete inpatient drug treatment often to to PHP. IOP removes some of the pressure of having to spend several hours a day at the hospital. And when the patients have shown strong capabilities for handling their own problems, they can go to outpatient rehab.

Founded in 2020, Real Deal Therapy & Wellness is an outpatient rehab center in Richardson/Dallas, Texas, that is focused on helping those who are struggling with addiction, alcoholism, and mental health issues. They fully understand the close relationship between substance abuse and mental disorders. That is why rather than focusing on the short term solution of addressing only the addiction, they focus on emotional coping, practical life skills, and enhancing mindfulness. While treatment centers usually provide short term structure, they provide long term solutions.

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