Reading Chiropractor Reflex Spinal Health Launches New Year New You Campaign

Reflex Spinal Health, a chiropractic and osteopathy services provider in Reading, UK, is encouraging its clients to use the occasion of the new year as a reason to kick off a series of sustainable changes in their lives and reclaim their health. It is also making available a new patient special offer for patients who plan on making their first appointment with the clinic.

The special awareness campaign kicked off this new year by the clinic is being called “New Year New You” and it encourages the clinic’s patients to become pain-free, to take up a long term activity goal such as walking more or running a marathon, to increase their flexibility, to take up a new sport, to lose weight, to change habits, to become less sedentary, and to take up many more such challenges that have the potential to radically transform the quality of their lives.

One Body One Life Functional Health Book

Chiropractor and clinic director Andy Green remarked on the “New Year New You” campaign by saying, “January is clearly the month of the year when many of us set new health goals. Sadly many of these goals have been forgotten by the end of the very same month! The incremental and insidious effects of physical and mental stress can be devastating. At Reflex Spinal Health our aim is to not only relieve musculoskeletal aches and pains but to also support every individual in achieving their health goals as much as we can.”

To inspire its patrons, Reflex Spinal Health also says that it would like for them to find out more about the book that Andy Green has authored titled “One Body One Life: Don't Screw it Up!” The book draws on his wealth of experience and tries to get readers to take control of their own health and make the positive changes necessary to bring out the much-needed long-lasting transformations in their lives.

Andy Green comments on the utility of his book for the clinic’s patients by saying, “We all have the intuition and intelligence to determine what is good for us, our body, and our health. We are all smart and capable of recognizing what is advantageous to our health and what will cause it harm. However, despite this knowledge, we still make decisions on a daily basis that are counterintuitive and detrimental to our long-term physical and mental health. We either avoid committing to that exercise session that the body desperately needs to refresh itself or avoid starting that diet that we know can benefit us for years if we just managed to stick to it. My book tries to bring to the forefront the recognition of these cognitive blindspots and helps the patients overcome them so that they can live the energetic and fruitful lives they have always dreamt of.”

The book is a perfect companion or gift for someone who is always stressed, constantly busy, prioritizing others over themselves, and those who realize that time is slipping by and that their health is not what it was years ago. The book helps its reader assess where they are right now in their journey towards optimum health and then helps them incorporate in their daily schedule the good habits that they need to improve their condition and strike a balance between their health and their outward responsibilities.

Reflex Spinal Health provides a range of health and wellness services such as chiropractic, osteopathy, foot orthotics, massage therapy and sports, K-laser therapy, neurological integration systems (NIS), chiropractic BrainTap treatments, spinal rehabilitation, and wellness care to the local community in Reading, Berkshire, and South Oxfordshire. The clinic’s myriad treatment techniques and modalities are perfect for patients suffering from symptoms such as arthritis, hip and knee pain, back pain, Cervicogenic headaches and dizziness, stress, frozen shoulder, migraines, neck pain, poor posture, sciatica, slipped disc, and sports injuries.

Readers who are interested in availing of the services made available by the Reading Chiropractor New Year New You campaign can contact the clinic at the phone number (118) 946-2100.


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