Reading Chiropractor Offers New Year New You Benefits

Reflex Spinal Health, a wellness clinic in Reading, England, is running a “New Year, New You” awareness campaign to help people understand the importance of taking care of their bodies and health to avoid the kinds of long term, serious health conditions that can arise when a person has been neglecting their physical and emotional needs over a long period of time. To this end, they have recently published an article about the importance of static stretching after exercise for people who are physically active.

Many people get to the ends of their workouts and don’t want to take the time to stretch, because they’re eager to be done with their exercise for the day. However, taking time for static stretching after exercising can have hugely beneficial effects on the body. The first way static stretching after exercising helps the body is by improving flexibility. Improved and increased flexibility, which is the range of motion a person can move their muscles and joints through, can make day to day activities and exercise more comfortable. Stretching, especially static stretching after exercise, helps lengthen the muscles, which allows them greater range of motion and can also improve joint mobility. Increased flexibility can also decrease the risk of injury, as muscles are able to stretch further and thus move further without being strained. Of course, it is also important to combine stretching with strength exercises, so the muscles are strong enough to control the movement through their entire range, for the greatest decrease in injury risk.

One Body One Life

It’s important to do static stretching after exercise, because the end of a workout is when the muscles are most warm, and warmer muscles are more pliable and thus respond better to stretching. Static stretching with cold muscles can act a bit like reshaping a chain link fence. At best, the muscle can get longer, but it won’t be in good shape for strength training or other exercise after a cold stretch. At worst, static stretching cold muscles, rather than after exercise, can lead to injury when a muscle is stretched in ways it isn’t ready for. Stretching after exercise can improve flexibility while also avoiding these kinds of injuries. Static stretching, by the way, is holding a fixed stretch position for a period of time, as opposed to active stretching, where a person continues moving through, in, and out of the stretch, keeping muscles engaged while slowly lengthening them through movement, which can be safer on cold muscles and also help with muscle strength.

This blog post on static stretching after exercise is just one part of the New Year, New You awareness campaign being run by Reflex Spinal Health this month. The campaign also involves an offer for new patients, which they’re calling the New Year New Patient offer, which is a special offer for new patients scheduling their first appointment with Reflex Spinal Health. This offer includes a 30 minute new patient consultation, 30 minute report of findings, an initial treatment as required or appropriate, and attendance to their spinal health workshop, for only £37, as opposed to the normal price of £123. Reflex Spinal Health serves people of all ages, from babies to the elderly, with a wide range of issues that can affect the human body, like sports injuries or back pain. The clinic is available to see patients, as they are classified as an essential service under the United Kingdom’s current COVID protocols.

Reflex Spinal Health is owned by chiropractor and author Andy Green. Green wrote a book about health, and caring for bodies, to help people reclaim their lives by assessing their health and making a series of sustainable changes which can help them find balance and nourish themselves properly. This book, titled One Body One Life, offers readers a framework to understand what it means for them to live a healthy life and what they can do to counter the effect of stress on their bodies. Anyone interested in learning more about this book, Reflex Spinal Health, or their New Year New You promotional campaign can contact the clinic or visit their website.


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