Rapid Gap Funding Now Available For Real Estate Investors

US based New Heights Funding Service (NHFS) is pleased to share that real estate investors across the country may rely on the firm for swift and accessible gap funding solutions. NHFS’s services are an invaluable component for many fields, including business investment, real estate investment, investing in the stock market, down payment assistance, medical expenses and more. Today, they are reaching out to real estate investors who require specialized financial solutions, especially as they look for ways to effectively tackle the ongoing economic crisis.

Despite soaring house prices and record numbers of jobs lost since the onset of the pandemic, home sales appear to have weathered these challenges and shown some stability. In fact, while there was an initial drop in the early weeks of the pandemic and its associated lockdowns, house sales began to pick up again not long after.

New Heights Funding Service understands that many real estate investors will want to take advantage of any present opportunities they observe in the event the market takes another drastic turn for the worse in the coming months. The firm’s response, as a result, is to reinforce their commitment to their clients and provide gap funding for real estate investors who need to complete their projects. As they proudly state on their website, their clients’ success is their only priority.

According to a representative from New Heights Funding Service, “When it comes to gap funding for real estate investors, New Heights Funding Service is the company on which you can depend. Our gap funding has no prepayment penalty, nor do you have any out of pocket expenses. Our loans work like a long-term line of credit that you can use as needed.”

In general, the company’s goal is to ensure that each of their clients receive the financial solution that works best for their individual circumstances. Given that their services have no upfront fees, require no collateral and deliver the funds within 5-7 business days, an individual can rely on NHFS to obtain between $10,000 and $400,000 to start investing as they see fit (the company does require that the applicant have a credit score of 650 or above, among certain other criteria). As a bonus, investors will also be pleased to learn that the company also does not implement any application fees.

As their services are designed to get funding to clients in as short a period as possible, NHFS encourages real estate investors to familiarize themselves with their process. To begin with, they can get pre-qualified by submitting the company’s Qualification Questionnaire, following which they may begin submitting their application (clients are reminded to have all the necessary documentation on hand at this stage). The company will then perform a compliance call to verify the applicant’s identity as well as the information they submitted. While approvals tend to be made within 48 hours, successful applicants may expect a direct deposit to their checking account within 5-7 business days (from start to finish).

Comments left by the company’s clients paint a positive picture of their services. JJ Azizian recommends New Heights Funding Service in his Facebook review, explaining that, “In our search for the right team to help us, we found Michael Pardon and his team to be professional, thoroughly trained and experienced. What really impressed us was the time he took to speak with us and make our family feel like his family. We couldn't be happier with our experience with New Heights Funding Service. They're your team for your lending needs.”

This is echoed in Cody Russell’s recommendation on the same platform. The review states, “The crew at New Heights Funding Service are extremely personable. We never met in person, and yet I feel like they are personal close friends of mine after all the help and solutions they have brought me to help find ways to get my deal funded. If you need any extra money for your deals, reach out to these guys! Great people with great solutions!”

More information regarding New Heights Funding Service and their gap funding for real estate investors can be found on their official website as well as other online materials. Investors are also welcome to get in touch with Michael Pardon of New Heights Funding Service to follow up on any further inquiries. They may also begin the application process today via the NHFS website.


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