Range Of Countertops Available At Granite Mountain

Granite Mountain (GM) , based in New Lenox, Illinois, is pleased to offer a range of custom countertops to their community. Countertops are one of the key components in the design of a kitchen or bathroom, and given their frequent use, they should bring functional as well as aesthetic value to any room.

GM offers natural stone such as granite, quartz, marble and quartzite, as a part of the available options, and they state any of these can be used to create a beautiful countertop. This is especially true in terms of design, as using various materials in inventive ways always results in a stunning space. The company’s New Lenox showroom notably features a variety of designs constructed from these materials. Customers may also get all of their installation and custom fabrication needs met by the knowledgeable and experienced personnel at GM's New Lenox site.

Professional installation, custom-made quartz, granite, marble and quartzite natural stone worktops, several cabinetry customization options for the kitchen or bathroom and a large selection of high-quality flooring alternatives are just a few of the many services that GM provides. The company is also an Abbey Carpet dealer, allowing them to pass on the savings from their large national buying power to the customers while still offering the high standard of service that the neighborhood has come to expect from a reputable, locally owned-and-operated company. The displays at the counter top showroom helps customers visualize what they want for their homes or businesses.

GM is known for their granite, quartz and marble countertops. Quartz surfaces are a popular option for kitchen counters and are frequently thought of as an alternative to granite. It is one of the world's hardest materials and is more resilient and long-lasting than granite, making it a good option for a kitchen countertop. Crucially, quartz surfaces are also simple to maintain since they are heat and stain resistant. Homeowners will find that it is very resistant to mold and bacterial contamination due to its non-porous nature, making it ideal for kitchen surfaces, especially those used for food preparation.

However, this is not to make the argument that granite is without its uses, and the material remains a popular choice for countertops. Bathroom countertops made of granite have a sense of depth that is unmatched by materials manufactured by humans. It consists of a strong substance that resists heat, preventing melting or easy scratching. Additionally, it has a bacterial-resistant surface. After being polished, this rock is turned into a sturdy, elegant countertop that boosts a home's appeal and value.

Alternatively, homeowners may wish to consider using marble for their countertops. This material comes in a wide range of hues and adds a radiant touch to any surface it is made out of. This reflected light is due to the calcium the marble contains. Since it is heat resistant and is always kept cool, this material is perfect for manufacturing pastries. Even better, it has a wonderful, silky texture. It only has to be cleaned with a moist cloth for upkeep. After a spill, quickly wiping the area with this towel will restore it to its original appearance.

Granite Mountain also offers custom cabinets to their customers. Choosing cabinets is a crucial decision when building or remodeling. The cabinetry that a homeowner chooses for their kitchen, baths, laundry room and other sections of the house may be the only aspect that so obviously represents their particular preferences. Cabinets establish the organizational structure of a space and define its personality. A skilled professional, such as those among the staff at GM, can assist a first-time homeowner in making the best decisions for their home. The customer can also add extra features, such as drawer trays and roll-out shelves. There is a large variety of sizes, materials, coatings and design options available for cabinets. Glass doors, solid doors, a combination of both and even open shelving are among the possibilities a customer may choose from.

The company’s showroom is staffed with flooring experts who go through continuous training to understand consumer needs, allowing them to effortlessly recommend the best possible floor choice based on the customer’s needs, lifestyle and budget. The company also has a state-of-the art website where customers can view flooring options and more with ease. For further information, the Granite Mountain team can also be contacted via phone or email.


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