Rancho Relaxo Enables Online Shopping for Coachella Valley Fashion Clothing Store

Rancho Relaxo, which has a retail store in Rancho Mirage in Coachella Valley, CA, is pleased to announce that they are expanding their online presence, allowing more people to be able to shop for their different products, including clothing, jewelry, fashion, home accessories, and more. This retail store is owned by Stella Adena, who made a significant career change from investment banking to fashion at the age of 30. She founded Rancho Relaxo, which is a Coachella Valley fashion clothing shop, when the company she was working for as Director of Retail relocated to Irvine. Since then, she has sought to inspire and delight people with the products available through her store.

The Rancho Relaxo gear can be subdivided into a number of categories. These include apparel, glassware, hats, gift items, bags, and masks. Apparels include men’s recycled logo tees, ladies recycled logo tees, ladies soft blend collegiate tees, chill road runner tees, seamless trucker hats, unisex lightweight zip hoodies, sunset line tees, ladies stay golden tank tops, flowy hi-low muscle tank tops, ladies keepsake tees, brushed camo raglan pullover tops, onesies for babies, California Dreaming ladies relaxed jersey crewneck tees, unisex special blend zip hoodies, men’s sueded Rancho Relaxo collegiate tees, brushed camo joggers, and more.

Rancho Relaxo in Palm Springs Life magazine Coachella Valley

Stella Adena has envisioned her store as a place to celebrate craftsmanship, style, and artistry. She says, “We believe in empowering our customers through the cultivation of their unique style. We believe style is an expression of your character and spirit. Style is the ability to make something your own by giving it your own unique twist. There is a world of possibility in how we present ourselves to the world in what we choose to wear. And what we choose to wear depends on what aspect of our personality we want to amplify that day.” More information about Rancho Relaxo and their products can be gleaned at https://www.ranchorelaxoca.com/rancho-relaxo-gear.

Also available at Rancho Relaxo are various accessories, such as bags, sunglasses, readers, jewelry, shoes, and masks. These include the Rancho Relaxo mask, JADEtribe tribal beaded earring, COFI holly sneaker, David Galan black metal pearl earring, MZ canyon crossbody bag, Minty’s Designs breeze block keychain, David Galan pod bag, JJ Winters bree clutch bag, COFI amy tote bag, MZ adobe + azul bucket tote bag, Raven Rock medicine bag, Raven Rock crossbody bag, Woolen for Ewe felt bag drop earring, Yunizon modern cat’s eye sunglasses, and more.

The Rancho Relaxo store also offers a number of accessories for the home. These include the: Anna Kula pom pom wall hanging, Oilcloth International oilcloth round tablecloth, Pendleton oversize jacquard towel, Boonies sunbeam plant stand, Blaze Metal Art stainless steel road runner sculpture, Raven’s Hearth meditation candle, Near and Dear mounted deer covered with black and white tribal paint, Walker Noble Studios ten east 12”x16” print, HomArt terrazzo table lamp, Aure 10” barrel cactus pillow, Conway Electric JAX touch lamp, The Archer & the Ram terracotta planter, and more.

Stella Adena also wants to point out that she believes in empowering artisans and craftsmen. That is why many of the products in her store feature various local artisans and craftsmen. She believes that commerce can be a tool for driving sustainable development and growth both in local communities and in global economies.

Various gift items are also available through the Rancho Relaxo store. These include the Club Time Warp handcrafted resin night stone, Raven’s Hearth meditation candle, RAPPI Palm Springs tram tee, Conway Electric JAX touch lamp, Rock Paradise crystal facial roller, PlanToys My First Camera, Goodsmith walnut rainbow air plant holder, Desert Supreme botanical skincare balm, Desert Supreme hand sanitizer, NewMade LA standing geometric planter made of brass, Elsas Rainbows mini handwoven rainbow ornament, and more.


Those who are interested in learning more about the products available through Rancho Relaxo may want to check out their website or contact them on the phone or through email. People may also want to follow their Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/ranchorelaxoca.


For more information about Rancho Relaxo, contact the company here:

Rancho Relaxo
Stella Adena
(760) 656-7009
69930 Highway 111, Suite 116
Rancho Mirage CA 92270