Rainbow Notary and Nuptials Accelerates Services With Remote Online Notarization

Jacksonville, FL - Rainbow Notary and Nuptials has sped up its notarization services with the use of new technology. With remote online notarization technology, Notary Near Me can accelerate their clients' transactions. They can now remotely notarize documents using electronic signatures.

Using technology that verifies identity, clients of Rainbow Notary and Nuptials can conveniently sign documents wherever they are and send them back to the Florida-based company. The notary public of Rainbow Notary and Nuptials then countersigns the document and notarizes it. "Although you might be on the other end of the country, we have notaries that can notarize documents remotely," the company says.

Likewise, Rainbow Notary and Nuptials emphasized the veracity of all documents they handle. They make sure to have a face-to-face video conference that is recorded and stored. In addition, the company says they can remotely notarize affidavits, wills, trusts, real estate deeds, powers of attorney, bills of sale, and other official transactional papers.

The company is also proud to have a Remote Online Notary Public network. While remote online notarization has been legalized in Florida since January 1, 2020, not everyone can do it. They must undergo the necessary training and application requirements. Rainbow Notary and Nuptials say their network of notaries is all licensed to do remote notarization.

"Most of our Notaries are members of the National Notary Association, and everyone is licensed, bonded, and insured," they added.

Meanwhile, Rainbow Notary and Nuptials has already catered to many clients since its inception in 2020. More so because of the global COVID-19 pandemic. It allowed Rainbow Notary and Nuptials to reach more individuals and businesses and help them speed up their transactions.

Besides online notarization, Rainbow Notary and Nuptials also provides wedding officiant services. They now serve clients in the following areas: Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Daytona, Treasure Coast, Ocala, Gainesville, Orlando, Kissimmee, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, and Miami.

Rainbow Notary and Nuptials also provides free consultations on all their services. On top of that, the notary public is also available 24/7. In addition, they are always open to offer notarial services online. To learn more about their services, interested parties can visit https://rainbownotaryandnuptials.com/.

To comply with any Notary Florida requirements, clients may contact Rainbow Notary And Nuptials at (904) 333-7311 or email 904rainbow@gmail.com. Their address is 428 W Adams Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32202.


For more information about RAINBOW MOBILE NOTARY & NUPTIALS WEDDING OFFICIANTS NETWORK , contact the company here:

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