Radon Eliminator Explains Cost of Radon Mitigation Services

Radon Eliminator in Ohio has published a blog post analyzing the cost of radon mitigation services. Radon gas rises from crawl spaces after escaping from the soil, creating a vacuum in the lower levels and pulling air and radon upward through pores and cracks in the foundation of a property. The Ohio-based radon eliminator recommends regular radon testing for homes to protect health. It is here that a radon mitigation system can come in handy.

Radon Eliminator explains that radon is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, and radioactive gas that occurs deep within the soil from the decay of uranium in rock. The invisible gas can cause air, soil, and water pollution. Additionally, some believe radon poisoning to be the second most common cause of lung cancer in the United States after tobacco smoking. The certified Ohio radon elimination services provider urges the need for testing homes for radon pollution. A sophisticated mitigation system is vital for radon testing for complete and accurate results.

technician making plans for radon mitigation

The price of a radon mitigation system depends on a range of factors. These factors vary from the type of foundation to the size of a home. Radon Eliminator explains that any addition to a home's electrical system to reduce radon levels requires a permit and a state electrical inspection. Such additions contribute to the cost.

According to the radon mitigation specialist in Ohio, homeowners can check radon levels themselves with a radon test kit from a home improvement store for between $20 and $50. But the results may not be accurate unless a certified radon mitigation contractor performs the radon level test with a sophisticated radon detector. Radon Eliminator estimates the cost of a radon test between $150 to $800. The price variation depends on the size and configuration of the property.

Suction is required under the entire home to lower the levels of radon. Larger homes may require more than one suction point. A property with multiple foundations or additions likely requires numerous suction points. According to the Ohio radon mitigation specialist, the location of the radon fan will impact the cost of mitigation.

Radon Eliminator emphasizes checking reviews and ratings, experience, licenses, and certifications for any local professional. A qualified radon mitigation specialist in Ohio will ensure the correct installation of the system.

Anyone in Ohio seeking a professional radon mitigation expert to test their home for radon can connect with Radon Eliminator on its website. The Ohio radon mitigation company has experience installing a system to make homes safe to live in for a reasonable price.

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