Queens Construction Accident Lawyer Keetick L. Sanchez Explains Who Can Be Held Liable for Construction Accidents

Queens construction accident lawyer Keetick L. Sanchez releases a new article (https://accidentlawyer-queens.com/who-can-be-held-liable-for-construction-accident-injuries/) explaining who can be held liable for construction accidents in New York City. The lawyer mentions that construction sites involve a lot of moving parts and a lot of people. Even with all the safety measures, accidents can still happen.

“There is an endless number of serious injuries that could happen on a job site, especially when operating heavy machinery. So who is responsible for medical expenses when an incident happens? Because of all who is involved in a project, there are a lot of variables that need to be considered when trying to identify who is ultimately liable for the situation,” says the Queens construction accident lawyer.

Queens construction accident lawyer

The lawyer explains that when it comes to analyzing an accident, it is very important to identify what exactly went wrong. The root cause of the accident can give a lot of insight into what needs to be changed in the process and point out whether the accident would have been preventable and what can be done to stop it from happening again in the future.

Attorney Keetick L. Sanchez adds that one of the most important factors to determine is if the employer was accountable for the safety of their employees. Depending on the situation, it is possible to claim a personal injury suit from a third party after an accident at work.

In the article, that lawyer also says that if the individual supervising the work potentially prevented the incident from occurring, they may be held liable. If there were any changes that have been made and the supervisor did not catch them, it is possible that the accident could have been prevented.

According to the accident lawyer, “Aside from worksite injuries being devastating, they are complicated to navigate. An attorney that is well versed in the logistics of New York labor laws can help you through the stresses of a worksite injury. If you or a loved one is involved in a physical work-related injury, it will be important to contact an attorney right away.”

Lastly, the lawyer emphasizes the importance of having a skilled construction accident lawyer if they have been injured in a construction site accident. Having an experienced attorney may be able to help the victim receive the compensation that they deserve for the injuries they suffered.

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