Queens Construction Accident Lawyer Keetick L. Sanchez Discusses Common Causes Of Injuries On A Construction Site In New York

Queens, New York - Construction accident lawyer Keetick L. Sanchez talks about the common cause of construction accidents in her recently posted blog. The construction accident lawyer explains how construction sites can be an unsafe environment for work.

According to the construction accident lawyer, “Due to unstable conditions that are common in construction zones, injuries received from accidents occur more severely than usual and commonly result in fatalities because of how quickly they happen.”

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The accident lawyer also adds that construction sites put workers at risk every day. There can be various causes for construction accidents and this includes: falls, falling debris, electrocution, explosions or burns, slip and falls, machinery accidents, getting trapped in/between materials, collapses, vehicle crashes, and overexertion.

The lawyer mentions that working from a high place on the construction site can be very dangerous. Falling inside a construction site constitutes one-third of all construction accidents and this usually happens when the workplace is unstable.

Aside from that, the lawyer also explains construction accidents involving falling debris. According to Mr. Sanchez, “Although the importance of proper equipment is well understood in this industry, workers are still exposed to hazards like tools, cables, and other building supplies present on the site. Falling items, such as tools and pieces of scaffolding, can seriously injure those below if they strike the ground from great heights.”

Additionally, electrocutions, explosions, and burns can result from the uncompleted wiring work inside the construction site. Since the electrical work is not yet done, it can pose a danger to the workers.

Slips and falls are also common in construction sites because of all the tools lying around, the lawyer says in the blog post. Attorney Sanchez also mentions that when it rains, the floor can be slippery and pose a risk of falling for the workers on the site.

“Many injuries are common on construction sites, and even those who take every measure to avoid injury may still be injured,” says the construction accident lawyer. She also emphasizes how important it is to seek the help of an experienced construction accident lawyer if someone is involved in a construction accident. A skilled attorney may be able to help the victim seek compensation for their injuries.

To learn more about how a construction accident attorney can help, visit https://accidentlawyer-queens.com/what-are-the-most-common-causes-of-injuries-on-a-construction-site-in-new-york/.

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