Quality One Pest Control Announces New Employees

Quality One Pest Control recently announced that they will be hiring three new employees. The new employees are Lance Cleveland, Deacon Merrill, and Abby Houston. The new employees will be trained as new professional exterminators on the company’s team of highly trained pest professionals. Lance has been in pest control for over ten years. He and his family just moved to Los Angeles County last month and have really enjoyed the area so far.

He is experienced with treating your most common pests like ants, cockroaches, and fleas. Deacon Merrill hasn’t had previous experience in pest control. This will be his first job as an exterminator but shows great potential. He has a great work ethic and seems like a quick learner. Abby has been in pest control for over fifteen years. She knows how to treat just about every pest in the area. She has a great work ethic and a fun personality.

The president of the company talked recently about the new hires, “We are extremely excited to welcome Lance, Deacon, and Abby to the team. They all have a ton of potential and I know they will help us win this battle against the pests. They all seem to learn quickly and have great work ethic. They have told me multiple times that they love to help people and feel like no one should have the stress of a pest infestation in their home. They will start training next week and then start helping people in the field after that.

Quality One Pest Control released in another press release that they have noticed a large increase in pest infestations in Los Angeles County. The company says that pests are becoming harder to treat. They think the biggest reason for this is because pests are adapting to everyday treatments like over the counter products. They say the pests are becoming almost immune to some treatments and resilient to others.

A representative of the company recently spoke about the increase in pest infestations, “Everyday pest control isn’t working as good as it once was. Store-bought treatments aren’t near as effective as they were five to ten years ago. If you think you have a pest problem it would be the best idea to have it handled professionally.”

The company has been looking to grow more because of this rise in infestations. This increase has caused the company to be very busy and the current team of exterminators are getting overrun by new calls. The three new hires will help alleviate some of the stress and will help the team better rid the area of pests.

The owner advised that residents should contact a professional immediately if they are worried about a rodent or bug issue in their home or business. Quality One Pest Control offers custom built services for each species of pest, routine checkups to make sure the pests stay away, and emergency services. Contact them by phone or go to their website at https://pestcontrolparamount.com/.


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