PutskA Offers Potty Training Chart that Uses Reusable Magnets Instead of Regular Stickers

PutskA, a company that offers baby essentials, wants to point out that their Potty Training Chart makes use of reusable magnetic emoji and star stickers rather than the usual paper stickers. Thus, it is not just one of the best ways to potty train children but it is also a more cost-effective way since the magnets are reusable. Since potty training may last for about 3 to 6 months, if regular stickers are used, the chart will run out of spaces after a month or so, and either the parent can try removing all those stickers or get a new potty training chart. When using the PutskA Potty Training Chart, the parent will simply remove the magnets when running out of space. Those who want to know more about this baby essential may want to visit PutskA website.

Lily Nathan, owner of PutskA, says, “There are three things that differentiate the PutskA Potty Training Chart from similar products designed to help potty train kids. Our potty training chart has reusable magnetic stickers, is wrinkle free and water resistant, and offers a stylish, easy, and hassle free installation. You can make the most essential development milestone of your child fun and exciting for both you and your kid.”

PutskA Potty Training Chart

With the PutskA Potty Training Chart it easy for parents to motivate their child every step of the way in the potty training process, providing the child with a sense of realization and self-awareness that there is a correct and wrong way to do something. Furthermore, it will boost the children’s feelings of self-reliance and confidence, which may help them overcome more difficult challenges they will encounter when they grow up.

The PutskA Potty Training Chart and the magnetic stickers have been manufactured using high quality materials. The chart has been printed on water-resistant paper, which means that it can be hung on the bathroom wall and parents won’t have to worry about the chart getting wet and getting smudged. PutskA has included a door hanger to easily install the chart in the bathroom. Parents may just need to ensure that children under three will not swallow the stickers. Those interested in learning more about this product may also want to check Putska on FB.

The PutskA Potty Training Chart may be used as a gift for a baby shower. It can be a unique and the most original baby shower gift for a best friend who is expecting to become a parent soon or any caring mother.

PutskA is so sure that customers will be satisfied with this potty training chart that they offer a one-year comprehensive warranty. If for any reason, the customer is not totally satisfied with the potty training chart, they will do anything to make the customer 100 percent satisfied with their purchase.

Those who have purchased the PutskA Potty Training Chart have been positive in their feedback. For instance, Danielle gave the product five stars and said, “Used this for my 3yr old son. He knows when he needs to go and can ask but sometimes while in a pull-up to go #2, he instead goes #1 and then wants a new pull-up. So every time he goes on the potty he gets to add magnets to a column but if he goes #1 in a pull-up, we take them away. Once he reaches the stars he gets a star sticker to use as currency to buy toys. A lot of potty charts were stickers that you could only use 1 time. We’ve been using this for over 2 months. We love it and have had no issues.”

At present, this potty training chart has almostt 500 reviews from customers from various parts of the world and it has an over all rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Amazon.


Those who are interested in this potty training chart and may want to shop for PutskA Potty Chart on Amazon can check out their Amazon page.


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