Putsk A Introduces Unicorn Themed Potty Training Chart

PutskA, a company which specializes in baby products, is proud to announce the availability of their unicorn themed potty training chart. The company acknowledges that potty training is one of the most important developmental milestones a child will ever have to go through. They also know that this can be an incredibly challenging process for the parents, which is why they have taken the initiative to launch the new unicorn themed chart. Learn more here: Visit PutskA.

Training a child requires a lot of encouragement, patience and positivity. The company believes that their potty training chart can make this process more fun and motivating, and will help get the child excited about potty training. The training chart is crafted from the highest quality baby-safe materials and includes no fewer than five important steps that a child must take during potty training. It encourages a child and rewards them for every step of the process, from asking to go potty to washing their hands. For each step successfully completed, the child gets a bright sticker as a reward. PutskA believes that this is a perfect gift for a toddler who has reached potty training age and needs some encouragement.

The product features a fun and adorable unicorn design, loved by children. It is also designed to a high-quality standard so that it is durable for use in bathrooms. The training chart comes with a set of reusable star and unicorn magnets so that one can use it as much as is needed. The chart also features an attached short string for easy hanging. Four other fun and dynamic designs for the potty training reward charts are available from PutskA as well — the company offers a space themed set with planet themed magnets as well as polar animal and animal themed charts which have smiley face and star magnets. Learn more here: Check Putska on FB.

Michael D. recommends the product on Amazon, and rates it 5-Stars, stating that it is, “Awesome for toilet training!” The customer also states that, “Having my kid home everyday, instead of in school, has highlighted just how much help she needs with toileting. She forgets to wipe and flush and wash all the time. We are using this to help her remember. Once she has earned all stars in the right column, she gets to choose a treat. So far she has been super excited to earn the magnets. And it is in unicorns! Which only makes it better.”

The product can be used as an effective reward system for a young child. A parent can award a round magnet every time a child completes a task and, after a toddler finishes a row, a parent can award a shaped magnet and incentivize him/her with a small reward like a toy, snack or sweet. Once a child fills up all five rows, a parent can reward him/her with something extra special (like a fun day out, medal or a small toy).

PutskA was founded by parents Lily and Ben Nathan after the birth of their second child. Based on their own experience as parents, the couple felt that they understood what parents needed and more importantly, what the children needed and liked. All PutskA products are designed so that they are convenient to use and have a pleasant appearance as well. The primary focus is also the safety and comfort of the child. As the couple’s children grew older, the company expanded into a range of toddler products to suit their needs. The company’s mission, as stated on the website, is, “Making practical baby products that are also designed and stylish without sacrificing quality.” As parents, one always tries to provide the best for their children, and that is why PutskA is dedicated to producing essential products which focus on comfort, quality and premium material while also being stylish. Learn more here: Shop for PutskA Potty Chart on Amazon.

The company believes that raising children requires love, care and responsibility, which is why Putska gives special consideration to the safety, quality and functionality of their products. The company also utilizes environmentally friendly materials and non-toxic organic fabrics to keep children safe while supporting their needs. This is done in order to help protect the environment too — in addition to the future of the children. The company also believes in transparency. As such, they are always open to feedback and welcome their customers to approach them with their concerns and ideas.

To learn more about PutskA products, one may visit the newly launched website. For further inquiries, one may contact the company via their website or social media channels.


PutskA Potty Training Chart


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