PureOne Services St. Louis Offers Water Damage Restoration Services

Sunset Hills, MO-based PureOne Services St. Louis is pleased to announce that they are offering professional water damage restoration services to residents of St. Louis and the surrounding areas. PureOne Services St. Louis is a locally owned-and-operated company that specializes in disaster restoration and crime scene cleanup.

As noted on their website, PureOne Services St. Louis specializes in water damage restoration services. Water and flood damage can be devastating and must be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid any further ramifications. PureOne Services has the skill, knowledge and experience needed to deal with all types of water damage issues. The company asserts that their certified and trained professionals will restore any client’s property to pre-loss conditions.

On every job, the company initially sends their team to perform a thorough assessment of the water damage of the property in question. This allows them to determine the best course of action to repair and minimize these damages. The assessment also helps homeowners detect all problems and identify which areas are in need of replacement. This is vital as unaddressed water damage can lead to mold build-up and may result in structural issues.

Clients can also rest assured that the PureOne Services St. Louis’s team will be equipped with the latest water damage restoration technology. Their modern equipment, coupled with their technicians’ skills and experience, ensures that they can handle all issues on the spot and with utmost efficiency.

PureOne Services St. Louis also offers residential and commercial water mitigation services. Water mitigation services prevent future water damage that can occur due to natural disaster, bad weather and more. This is done by taking strict measures, including the removal of irreparable contents and structures, cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing and drying. PureOne Services achieves water mitigation with the aid of advanced drying equipment and air sanitizer. They leave their equipment on the property until the temperature, humidity and moisture levels in the area reach approved levels. They also make sure that the property is thoroughly cleansed and dried to help ensure that mold does not continue to grow or return.

The company is also able to provide assistance with basement flooding scenarios. They have the skills, experience and equipment needed to make sure that their clients’ basements are dried out and returned to normal. Basement flooding services utilize the same strategies that are used in other types of home water damage restoration. Each situation may be different, but there are some goals that must be consistently achieved to ensure a good result. The main concern is finding and removing all moisture to avoid further structural damage and mold growth. There are several ways for basements to become flooded, so to make sure that they remain dry and usable, PureOne Services St. Louis recommends professional basement waterproofing.

PureOne Services St. Louis also offers other services, including bio and trauma cleanup, flood damage cleanup, hoarding cleanup, fire damage restoration, rodent bio cleanup and more. They have received great reviews for their work.

Walt Busch says in a 5-Star Google review, “My hoarding brother needed his house cleaned up. Mouse infestation, junk all over the floor. Over 50 pounds of tobacco just laying around (some scattered), chewed up comic books, trash, bedding needing to be thrown out, old big appliances removed, bad carpeting, more and more. Did a great job cleaning and getting it back into shape. Would use them again (and with my brother, I will probably have to).”

Caitlin Kassebaum also says in another 5-Star Google review, “My house had a small mold patch in the basement. Jerry came out to assess the mold, gave a rundown of how it would be tackled and sent us a description of the cost and all that would happen with the project. My husband and I decided to move forward with Pure One to tackle the job! I’m glad we did! They found out why the mold had grown (due to a leak in our bathtub) and then found a plumber to fix the leak. They then resealed the drywall that had to be cut out to remove the mold. The project was completed promptly, and I feel this company really cared about our needs. They even helped move the basement furniture back where it needed to go when the project was complete. This was a great experience for something that isn’t so great to have to have done in a home! Definitely recommend them — job well done, Pure One!”

Those looking for a disaster restoration and crime scene cleanup company are welcome to contact PureOne Services St. Louis today. Complete details about the company’s wide range of services can be viewed on their website.


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