PSS International Removals Discusses Shipping To South Africa

PSS International Removals, based in the UK, is reaching out to help their community understand the cost of shipping to South Africa. The company recently published a guide on their website that includes ballpark figures, giving readers a rough estimate of the current price of shipping to this region. This estimate accounts for shipping boxes, containers and international removals, and the article also serves to make people aware of the additional costs they may incur on arrival.

PSS International Removals CEO Liam Witham remarks, "International shipping costs, including to South Africa, have been changing frequently. We, therefore, recommend people make use of the free cost calculator on our website to get a customised estimate for their shipment." The guide provides users with some average prices for both shipping boxes and full house removals as well as details of costs and fees not included in most estimates. The guide also includes low-cost quotes to locations such as Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the international shipping industry has faced many delays and regular increases in shipping costs, so it is recommended to use PSS Removals’ online cost calculator to get a more accurate and up to date estimate. The additional charges and exclusions outlined in the guide are industry standard (and typical to whichever shipping company a person uses, not just PSS International Removals).

The guide provides a table of prices which are based on the contents of an average UK property and include delivery within 30 miles of the most popular shipping destinations in South Africa. Many websites list port-to-port costs for shipping containers to South Africa. These can significantly underestimate the actual costs for non-commercial users. The prices listed in the guide are for a full door-to-door removal service, aimed at people who are shipping their personal effects. Box shipping and excess baggage/luggage services are perfect for shipping smaller quantities of belongings. They can also be packed in boxes or suitcases/bags. They are sent as groupage, which means it will be in a shipping container shared with other people moving to South Africa from the UK. Larger items, such as furniture, will require an international removals service. The guide includes self-packing as an option (although professional packing services are available). Costs per box decline as the quantity of volume shipped increases. Tea Carton box shipping prices are based on standard shipping tea cartons, measuring 51 x 40 x 61 cm (4.4 cubic feet), and weighing no more than 30kg each. Similar costs would apply to luggage, such as suitcases.

The company points out that the prices differ depending on which region of South Africa the goods are being shipped to. Delivery to remote areas can cost more than to destinations close to the main ports. Shipping small parcels to South Africa from the UK can be done quite cost effectively via Royal Mail. For example, a small 2kg parcel can be posted for around £21 by airmail. The downside is that the maximum weight limit is 2kg. For larger parcels, Parcel Force, or other courier companies can be utilised, but the costs very quickly become exorbitant. Therefore, if an individual is relocating to South Africa or plans to stay for longer, specialist box and personal shipping services (such as those offered by PSS International Removals) are a very attractive alternative.

The guide also discusses the shipment of household goods and vehicles. There are two main methods for shipping cars to South Africa: in a shipping container or by using a RORO (Roll-On-Roll-Off) service. If an individual is shipping other household goods, it is worth attempting to save money by shipping them in the same container. Cars, bikes, motorhomes, caravans, motorbikes and boats can all be shipped to South Africa. Some cars or vehicles, especially motorhomes and caravans, may be too wide and tall to fit in a shipping container and will need to be shipped RORO. For international removals involving furniture, it’s best to have a home or video survey to assess every item that needs to be sent, following which the customer can receive a quote.

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