Provider of Engraved Plaques in Minneapolis is Now Offering a Myriad of Health and Safety Promotional Items

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Minneapolis, Minn. – A leading awards shop, providing businesses and individuals with products such as corporate gifts, trophies, and engraved plaques in Minneapolis, MN, has always been a hub for business items and awards. However, they have recently expanded into a one-stop-shop for health and safety promotional items.

Virtually all businesses throughout the nation are stocking up on precautionary items to assist in safely reopening their storefronts. A proud member of the Minneapolis business community, Viking Trophies desires to be of as much support as possible to these businesses. As a shop specializing in promotional items with logo in Minneapolis, MN, Viking Trophies understands the importance of brand awareness. Therefore they are now offering products that not only contribute to safety but double as promotional items as well.

Some of these products include personal-sized bottles of hand sanitizer, screen cleaning cloths, headbands with mask-attach ability, super shopper kits with safety equipment inside, cases to hold hand sanitizer, and reusable face masks. The beauty of these types of items is that they will help employees stay safe but can also be given out to prospective customers as promotional items. Viking Trophies can put company names and logos on every one of these products. Customers will be delighted to receive a new bottle of sanitizer or face mask headband, and the business will benefit from their logo reaching an increased number of eyes.

Viking Trophies also offers items to help solely with the reopening of businesses, such as floor stickers to encourage 6-foot social distancing within the store. A vital aspect of reopening a storefront lies within the safety and comfort of the employees. Almost all businesses are currently requiring their employees to wear face masks, which are typically supplied by the employer. Instead of purchasing stacks of disposable masks, it is better to instead purchase a few reusable masks for each employee. The benefit of purchasing these reusable masks from Viking Trophies is that they can be personalized to the business, displaying the company name, logo, colors, or slogan. With each employee wearing a company mask, a business can maintain its brand and team uniform while also maintaining the safety of its employees.

When it comes to safety and viral prevention, Viking Trophies does not take matters lightly. They are pleased to help promote safety precautions in any way they can, as well as support their fellow Minneapolis businesses. For more information regarding their health and safety promotional items, call Viking Trophies today at (763) 537-3422 or visit their website at


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