Proudly Addresses Need For Payment Solutions in SC

Proudly, the Top Payment Processor in Bluffton, SC is helping merchants and businesses in South Carolina get the best payment solutions available in the market.

The company connects businesses, from small to large, to different payment processing services to improve their operations. One of the solutions is the Point of Sale (POS) System.

POS is a computerized network that integrates everything from sales, inventory, team management, and customer management in one place. It's an essential component for businesses to have a smooth and streamlined process.

Proudly offers several POS systems that can cater to different types of business and market. The payment service provider carries products such as MX Merchant, MX Express iOS+Android, Clover POS, Clover Flex, and Clover Mini.

MX Merchant is a payments platform that allows businesses to do several things in a single app. The standard Merchant account provides businesses the tools for billing and collections, customer engagement, order management, as well as sales tracking. MX Merchant also allows the business owner to process all forms of electronic payments.

Another offering from Proudly is MX Express iOS+Android. It is a free mobile app that users can download in the App Store for iOS users or Play Store for Android users. The app is easy to use and perfect for quick payment processing, which is also customizable to fit any business.

The Credit Card Processing for Small Business in Bluffton, SC also offers a wide range of Clover POS products. Proudly offers Clover POS that comes with all the essential features perfect for several types of business, especially restaurants and retail store owners. They have several kinds of Clover POS devices that are completely customizable and scalable.

For smaller businesses, Proudly offers Clover Mini - a full POS system in a smaller package. It's a standalone credit card processing terminal device that can also perform POS and business management functions. With its small size, it can fit any area but does not lack in functionality.

Another type of Clover product they offer is Clover Flex, a modern way to pay, which enables businesses to get their customer's payment twice as fast. Clover Flex serves as a full-fledged POS terminal and business management system. It's an all-in-one device that allows businesses to manage the needs of their customers wherever they may be.

Apart from these MX Merchant and Clover products, Proudly offers EMV Card Payments, Wireless, and Digital Wallet payment solutions. Proudly, the Best Credit Card Processing Company in Bluffton, SC, also offers a wide range of high-quality products and services that can benefit all types of business.

"We aim to show businesses, no matter what industry you are in, that you can create a positive impact with your chosen cause for simply using our secure payment processor in South Carolina," adds the company. Contact the Proudly team at 866-729-7768.


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