ProPoint Roofing Is Now Offering Quality Malarkey Roofing Products

ProPoint Roofing & Construction, a roofing contractor La Crosse, WI residents can go to, is pleased to announced that they are now offering quality Malarkey Roofing Products. This is in line with their commitment to always use the best high-quality roofing products. Thus, they will now be using Malarkey materials on all of their roofs, including for their customers in the Wisconsin cities of La Crosse, Onalaska, Holmen, West Salem, Sparta, and more. Malarkey Roofing Products offers sustainable, high-performance roofing shingles engineered using rubberized asphalt technology for residential properties, and conventional, high performance, and sustainable roofing systems for steep slope and low slope roofs for commercial buildings.

ProPoint Roofing has been a leading roofing contractor in La Crosse and neighboring areas for more than a decade. They have specialized in commercial roofing, residential roofing, roof installation, roof repair, and emergency roof repair, from asphalt single roofs, to PVC roofing, to metal roofing,

Matt Lessard, Owner and President of ProPoint Roofing & Construction, says, “Our decision to offer quality Malarkey Roofing Products is certainly apt because we are committed to providing quality roofing services to all our clients. Whether it’s a new roof or a roofing repair project, without quality materials you may end up spending more money in the long run. We make sure to use quality materials in our roofing jobs because a skilled craftsman always uses the best tools for the job.”

For residential roofing, they offer a number of services. These include: gutter installation and cleaning, residential roofing, re-roofing, certified roof inspections, roof repair, siding, windows, decks, doors, remodeling, home additions, facia and soffit, flooring, power washing, and more. They provide various residential roofing types: asphalt shingles; metal roofing and steel shingles; and snap lock standing seam metal roofing.

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material in the US, as 4 out of 5 homes have asphalt roofing. It can either be fiberglass- or organic-based. Organic-based asphalt shingles are produced with a substrate or mat made up of an array of cellulose fibers, such as recycled paper or wood fibers. This organic base is coated with weather-resistant mineral granules and asphalt coating. On the other hand, fiberglass-based asphalt shingles are composed of a mat made solely from glass fibers that are also coated with weather-resistant mineral granules and asphalt coating. Asphalt shingles offer a number of advantages, such as: durability, ease of installation and repair; cost-effectiveness; ability to work well in various climate; environmentally friendly; and broadest range of design alternatives.

Meanwhile, metal roofing and steel shingles are quickly gaining in popularity in the US because of their sleek appearance and superior durability. Most residential metal roofing materials are aluminum or steel. They are provided with a metallic coating that resists rust. They offer a number of advantages, such as durability; energy-efficiency; light weight; ability to perform best in extreme conditions; environmentally friendly; lifetime value; and variety.

Snap lock standing seam metal roofs have recently gained in popularity for use in homes because of their modern looks and durability. A standing seam roof is made up of continuous interlocking panels that run from the ridge of the roof to the eaves. It is these seams that provide the distinctive modern look. They offer a number of advantages, such as: a leak-free roof; energy efficiency; long-lasting protection; environmentally friendly roof; and lifetime value.

For commercial roofing, they offer EPDM (rubber) roofing or PVC (vinyl) roofing. Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) is a very durable synthetic rubber roofing material that is usually used in low-slope buildings. Its advantages include: durability, a reliable EPDM formula that has been in use for about 40 years; cost-effectiveness, ease of installation; and environmentally friendly features.

Thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is also known as vinyl membrane roofing is made of tear and water resistant, and flexible polymer that is reinforced with fiberglass non-woven mats polyester woven scrims. Advantages include: durability; more design options; temperature regulation; and chemical resistance.

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