Proper Mold Inspections in Irving TX Leading to Many Successful Mold Removal Projects

Ace Mold Remediation Irving, is a Texas restoration company that brings many years of experience to every mold removal project that it takes on. That’s why the veteran mold removal technicians at the company realize that the key to executing a successful mold remediation project is doing a thorough inspection to start the process. This is because the same conditions that are causing the mold growth in one home may be completely different than what is causing a mold issue in another. That means each mold remediation job has to be custom planned around the particular circumstances regarding the mold growth in each home. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to mold removal. A proper inspection helps the company come up with a mold remediation plan that will not only eliminate even the most stubborn mold growth in a home but also ensure the homeowner that the mold problem will not come back.

A company representative went on to talk about how they go about doing mold remediation inspections. He stated that once they get a call asking for help, they will go to a customer’s home and first identify the areas in a home where mold growth is taking place. Their techs are experienced enough to find any mold that’s growing in plain sight and also that which is hiding in less obvious places. The company representative also stated that you can’t have mold growth in a home unless there is a moisture problem. That’s why the second step in the mold inspection process is to identify the moisture source that is contributing to any mold growth around a home. The moisture source may be as obvious as a flooding incident or a big leak or something much more subtle such as some rooms in a home having too high of a humidity level. He added that their mold removal techs are excellent at not only identifying areas of a home where mold growth is taking place but also pinpointing the moisture source and guiding the homeowner on the steps to take to eliminate it. Once the mold inspection is complete, Ace Mold Remediation’s tech will then go over with the customer the results of the inspection and then get back to that customer with a cleanup plan and an estimate for the mold removal task. Reviews left on the company’s Google Maps Business Listing at attest to how well the techs at Ace Mold Remediation Irving are when it comes to doing thorough mold inspections and then using those inspections to design a successful mold remediation plan.

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According to the company representative, it’s also very important to be proactive in getting any mold growth problem in a home handled right away. He says, “Mold can be hazardous to your health, so you should get an inspection ASAP if you suspect mold or smell something funny in your home! Protect your family's health and safety. It can be especially troublesome to those in a home that are allergy sufferers, have asthma or other upper respiratory problems, and you certainly don’t want young children breathing in mold spores over a long period.” It was also pointed out that while most people recognize mold as being an allergen, some forms of mold are pathogenic and can become the source of both mild and serious infections. The company representative also pointed out that in addition to the health problems caused by mold, nuisance fungi growth can also cause much damage around a home that can lead to expensive repairs and item replacements. The long-term presence of mold on such surfaces as wood and drywall often necessitates complete replacement and mold also can ruin fabrics & upholstery and the items that are found inside any boxes that it is present on.

Customers that have taken advantage of Ace Mold Removal – Irving’s experienced mold remediation services have written reviews that have expressed a high level of satisfaction with the results. Brian John stated, “This mold removing company did a great job eliminating decades of moldy insulation from the attic. They went above and beyond to ensure that the areas were cleaner, and the quality test that came back was cleared of mold. I Would recommend them.” The many glowing reviews the company has received were also the subject of a recent press release that can be seen here at More information on the company’s prompt and efficient mold removal services can be obtained by calling them, sending them an email, or by visiting their website.


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