Prominent Special Needs Trust Attorney Christine Matus Discusses Disability Trustees in New Jersey

Toms River, New Jersey - “When I pass away, what will happen to my loved ones especially those with special needs?” It is a question that keeps many family members awake, especially if there is a person with a disability in the family. A special needs trust (SNT) is a great way to take care of the needs of disabled family members. However, not everyone has the experience to navigate the high waters of setting up a special needs trust. A special needs trust attorney can tailor the disability trust to the particular beneficiary’s needs. In order to help New Jersey residents, understand the importance of picking the right disability trustee in New Jersey, Christine Matus, of Matus Law Group, published a blog post explaining the role of the trustee in a special needs trust.

“Not every family has the adequate resources to provide quality care for their disabled loved ones after their passing. A disability trust can take care of a special child’s needs in the sudden demise of the parent or guardian.”, Ms. Matus said. “However, setting up a disability trust in New Jersey can be a complicated matter, this is why it’s important to engage an experienced special needs trust attorney and to appoint a great trustee to manage the trust. I often recommend for my clients to appoint two trustees who will comanage a trust: a professional and family member as a trustee.” She continues. ”In many cases, the two individuals make the perfect duo as the family member understands the trust beneficiary and the professional understands managing the trust”

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If the person setting up the trust (the trustor) chooses to use a professional to administer the trust, the professional disability trustee is often paid a fee. That fee can be flat, hourly, or depend on the amount in the trust. Common professional trustees include accountants, bank attorneys, and other experts with financial experience.

“The roles and responsibilities of a disability trustee are complex. From managing the trust assets to investing and tax filing, the trustee should be well-versed in financial matters.” Ms. Matus said. “While experience is not necessary, it can be beneficial to managing the trust. Depending on the complexity and the financial situation of the trust, we may or may not recommend engaging a professional trustee. Either way, our goal is always to ensure that the disabled family member can maintain the lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed, and to ensure all their needs are well taken care of.”

Christine Matus is a prominent special needs trust attorney with over 20 years of experience helping New Jersey families plan for their future. Ms. Matus believes in giving back to the community and is a well-known speaker who helps families understand the importance of estate planning in New Jersey. Alongside her community work and law practice, Ms. Matus has also raised her voice on topics such as special needs, estate planning, and non-profit rules and regulations. To read the blog post in its entirety, one may visit the Matus Law Group’s website:


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