Promeza’s New Childrens Dino Book Now Available With Christmas Dinosaur Ornaments

Valencia, CA based Promeza MG is pleased to announce that their Christmas dinosaur book is back in stock, and each one comes with two dinosaur Christmas tree ornaments. The book makes a great present for any child who loves dinosaurs, and the ornaments provide an extra bit of excitement to go with the gift. With the Christmas season just around the corner, Promeza is ready to take orders both through their website and through Amazon.

“If your child is obsessed with dinosaurs, then read on,” says the book’s product description. “You can already hear them squeal with delight as they open your Christmas gift this year. Dinosaurs and Christmas, their two favorite things all in one! Yup, you nailed it! Get ready for extra hard hugs from those cutie kids of yours. They can’t help themselves, it’s not their fault. You got them where they feel it the most, and that’s at their love for dinosaurs. A Christmas Dinosaurs book that you’ll enjoy reading as much as they do! Plus two dinosaur Christmas ornaments that represent what your kids love! The best part is that every year they will think of you as they read their favorite dino Christmas book and put the dino ornaments on their tree. It will keep your child and yourself at the edge of your seat. This is a book that they will read again and again.”

The dinosaur book contains a fun story about helping others combined with a lesson about self-worth that is all but guaranteed to keep young, dinosaur-obsessed children interested and attentive for hours. Sporting a season-appropriate Christmas theme, the book tells a story that is filled with adventure and love and all sorts of other things that young children love and appreciate. They get to experience the excitement of getting a gift, followed by an exciting dinosaur themed tale — and finally the joy that comes with hanging up their brand new Christmas ornaments. Visit for more about the book.

A number of customers have reviewed the book on Amazon already, giving glowing 5-Star accounts of their time reading it. Elene Fine says in their Amazon review, “My kids loved the imaginative world of the Guardians of the Tree. Raul Meza brought to life a rich backstory that truly captivated my youngsters! We will be reading it again and again, guaranteed. My youngest even said he’d love to watch a TV show based on the characters. Beyond simply being a cute holiday story, Guardians of the Tree teaches good morals which I appreciate as a parent. The story revolves around self-sacrifice for the sake of protecting the innocent. As the daughter of a veteran, this idea of service to the community is important to me and my family. I recommend this book to families with younger children (3-10); however, the message it delivers is one that can be appreciated by any age group. We are big fans and look forward to more instant classics from Raul Meza!”

Another rave review from a customer named Jasmyn Irene Perez shares that, “This book is perfect! I bought it for my 3-year-old, who is just getting into dinosaurs. He absolutely loves it. He is at the age where he is starting to ask questions and understand what Christmas is, and this book does a phenomenal job at putting the spirit of Christmas in our home. This book has been my son’s request every night for a bedtime story since I bought it. And per my son, we all (my husband, myself, my 3-year-old and my 6-month-old) have to read it together as a family. I must also talk about the artwork. It is so vibrant and engaging. My 6-month-old loves the pictures! The ornaments are an added bonus! They are adorable and great quality! Overall, I highly recommended this book. I can’t wait for Raul Meza’s next book!”

Get the book on Amazon at Parents and other interested parties are also welcome to contact Betty Meza of Promeza MG to follow up on any further inquiries.


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