Professional Movers Open New Office In Brooklyn

NY based My Pro Movers Brooklyn is pleased to inform their community that they have opened a new office in Brooklyn. The company provides a full range of moving services, and their representatives can now be found at their new office, which is located at 339 101st St Brooklyn, NY 11209.

“We are delighted to inform our customers that our team will now be working out of a branch in Brooklyn,” states Mike Sadvakas of My Pro Movers Brooklyn. “While we serve all five boroughs of NYC, this will help our customers get in touch with our team quicker and allow us to reach their residences much faster whenever the need arises. As your trusted, professional movers, we understand that convenience and timing are key aspects of the service you expect from us. With the opening of this new branch, we are more confident that we can guarantee an exemplary service for a larger number of customers.” The company serves both residential and commercial customers.

Brooklyn Moving Company My Pro Movers Brooklyn 339 101st St Brooklyn, NY 11209

The Brooklyn movers offer a white-glove service, which means they are capable of safely and promptly transporting virtually any kind of item their customer may require. This has lent them a reputation for being the area’s most trusted movers, especially since they handle the most fragile of objects with the utmost care. My Pro Movers Brooklyn has worked with wine collections, valuable artwork, musical instruments, antiques and much more on behalf of their customers, and these items arrive at their destination in the same condition as when they were first packaged. The company also ensures their moving trucks and equipment are cleaned and maintained to avoid contamination spreading to their customers’ goods.

Customers may also expect the company’s white glove service to mean that their move will be as stress-free as possible overall. My Pro Movers Brooklyn employs professional, trained movers who are exceptionally efficient at their work, packing and transporting items with care while staying on schedule. When a customer arrives at their new location, they can expect to find their items waiting to be unpacked immediately.

The company seeks to eradicate delays at every stage, so it is quite rare for them to take longer than planned. In most cases, My Pro Movers Brooklyn considers the number of items that have to be moved, the distance to the destination and even the prevailing traffic conditions in order to estimate an accurate time of completion. In the event of unusually heavy traffic, for instance, the company’s experienced drivers will navigate the Brooklyn streets with ease to find the best route forward.

The NYC moving company states that their Brooklyn team will still be able to offer the same, comprehensive services the community has come to expect. My Pro Movers Brooklyn can work with customers who need specialty services to support their move, such as a storage facility, long-distance moving and so on. Should a customer need a particularly heavy or valuable item moved, the company will dispatch a hand–picked team that is capable of handling the task at hand. Sadvakas comments that the team has moved pianos and similar items for their customers in the past, and there is nothing stopping them from doing the same from their new branch.

One of the core tenets that My Pro Movers Brooklyn abides by is the need to uphold an excellent standard of customer service. To begin with, any customer may contact their office today to request a free estimate for their move, and the company commits fully to being transparent about their pricing — there are no hidden fees whatsoever. Furthermore, the team takes it upon themselves to walk the customer through every step of the move so that they know exactly what to expect and will never feel as if they have to wait for their items to be delivered to be confident that the move was successful.

Those who want the benefit of a premium moving service in Brooklyn are welcome to contact the company’s new branch today. Mike Sadvakas of My Pro Movers Brooklyn can be reached for more information regarding the company’s services.


For more information about My Pro Movers Brooklyn, contact the company here:

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