Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab Is Offering Chiropractor Services In Culver City

Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab is offering chiropractic care using cutting-edge techniques in Culver City, California. The clinic boasts of some of the best custom chiropractic treatment plans Culver City has to offer.

Chiropractic has seen increased interest in 2021 as a direct result of the sedentary lifestyle that most people were forced to adopt during the 2020 pandemic. After being stuck inside for several months, people all around the country are noticing musculoskeletal issues that have been aggravated by a lack of activity. This is corroborated by a poll conducted by the American Chiropractic Association in 2020 which found that 90 percent of respondents said that their patients were reporting pain and discomfort in muscles and joints at a higher frequency than normal.

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Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab is reacting to the public health crisis by encouraging residents of Culver City to find out more about its world-class chiropractic services. The clinic says that it employs a range of innovative techniques that are designed to help patients heal and recover from the impact that months of inactivity and self-imposed isolation have left on their bodies.

The classic chiropractic technique, the Diversified Technique, uses no instruments. It was developed by D.D. Palmer, DC., the founder of Chiropractic, and is taught in all chiropractic colleges. It was refined and developed by the late Otto Reinert, DC, to address biomechanical failure in each section of the spine, as it relates to specific subluxation. The focus is on restoration to normal biomechanical function and correction of subluxation. Motion palpitation and full spine, hands-on techniques are used to deliver a deeper thrust, which makes an osseous (popping) sound as the adjustment is given.

Diversified methods have been developed to adjust extremity joints, allowing for beneficial applications in treating sports injuries and other injuries. Diversified adjusting of the spine uses specific lines of drives for all manual thrusts, allowing for specificity in correcting mechanical distortions of the spine. X-rays and case histories are used in analysis and diagnosis. Patients looking for the best Diversified Technique chiropractor Culver City has to offer, have to look on further than Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab.

More recent techniques that have delivered impressive results are the Sacro Occipital Technique of Chiropractic (SOT) and Chiropractic Craniopathy. They are grounded in scientific research. Since the early 1900s, SOT has consistently delivered exceptional results while emphasizing patient comfort. SOT is a total body technique. Its broad scope includes not only the back and neck but also the internal organs, extremities, and cranial structures.

In SOT the primary focus is upon structural stability and integrity as well as neurological function. The basis of the human structure is the pelvis and the cranium. The spine, shoulders, neck, and head sit upon the pelvis and are subject to the stresses and strains of gravity. These structures, as well as the rest of the body, are functionally maintained and controlled by the brain through the nervous system.

To understand SOT better, one has to understand the basics of the functioning of the brain. Brain function is dependent upon optimal motion and alignment of the cranial bones and cranial dura. Located below the pelvis is the locomotion system that consists of the legs and feet. All structures of the body are essential to the integrity of the whole. Additionally, organ function depends upon proper nerve supply from the spine. The spine in turn receives nerve reflexes from the organs that can compromise spinal mechanics. Therefore, the alignment, balance, and optimal function of the cranium, pelvis, each spinal segment, organs, and all of the extremities are essential to optimal health.

Patients looking for the best chiropractic treatment for chronic pain, acute pain, back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, extremity pain, numbness, sports rehabilitation, tennis elbow, injury treatment, low back pain, herniated disc, whiplash, neck pain, custom orthotics, and spinal decompression Culver City offers can book their appointment with Prodigy Chiro Care & Spinal Rehab today.

The chiropractic clinic can be contacted at the phone number 310-391-7770.


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