Proactive Healthcare Recruiters Is Looking For A High EQ Registered Nurse In Dallas, TX

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PHR Home Healthcare, a home healthcare service in Frisco, Texas, uses the healthcare staffing agency Proactive Healthcare Recruiters to find a suitable candidate for the open position of Registered Nurse in Dallas, TX. The job was posted on Proactive Healthcare Recruiters’ website on March 30th, 2022. The salary for the full-time position is negotiable and will be offered to the ideal candidate based on their experience.

Home Healthcare offers several modalities to its clients, such as skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and the services of medical social workers. The Frisco-based Medicare-certified agency offers help for conditions such as difficulty with household mobility and tasks, balance disorders and difficulty walking, breathing disorders (e.g., COPD), Parkinson's & other neurological disorders, joint and back pain, joint replacement, diabetes, heart-related disorders, hypertension, strokes, IV therapy & PICC lines, wound care and wound vac, colostomy/ileostomy, foley/suprapubic catheters, and more.

PHR Home Healthcare has a 4-step process for enabling its clients to achieve long-term success. It begins with a proprietary risk scoring system that its clinical specialists use. The system analyzes over 100 indicators that can help clinicians determine the likelihood of a senior’s success. The result of this comprehensive risk assessment is then used to create a detailed and customized care plan that draws on the strengths of PHR Home Healthcare and addresses the concerns preventing clients from long-term recovery. The clinical team will then coordinate with all available parties to implement the plan. The administrators and clinical specialists constantly tweak their methods to maximize the efficiency of their processes and the effectiveness of their treatments. Finally, the company uses the concept of self-reinforcement to learn and grow continually. This helps the organization develop consistent and repeatable systems that deliver on its promise to its clients. For more information, check out

A spokesperson for Proactive Healthcare Recruiters talks about the open position at PHR Home Healthcare by saying, “We are looking for a self-starter, high EQ nurse who can collaborate on clinical cases as well as assist the owner with occasional sales meetings. With PHR Home Healthcare, you become part of a fast-growing start-up home health company with a culture of belonging, achievement, and excellence. We would be especially interested in getting to know your perspective on the efficacy of current clinical models and whether you feel they are doing enough for the aging population. PHR Home Healthcare feels that the current models focus too much on sales, billing, and compliance, which detracts from its core mission of serving its patients. If you are qualified and motivated enough to join PHR Home Healthcare’s ranks, you will get a chance to solve many more industry-wide challenges on a small scale with a group of people as thrilled about helping others as you are. You will get to flex your nursing expertise to its fullest extent. You will become part of a dynamic, collaborative team with uncommon teamwork focused on delivering rock-solid service and proactively driving results. PHR Home Healthcare fosters a culture of high performance, transparency, and accountability. We can’t wait for you to find your place among its high performers. Head to our website, search for this listing in the Jobs section, and reach out to us with your resume today.”

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