Prime Restoration Services Provides Solution to Water Damage in Provo Area

Prime Restoration, a company based in Spanish Fork, Utah, is happy to announce that when it comes to finding a provider for water damage restoration Provo residents may want to take a look at the solution that they are offering. Water damage, especially if it is hidden and is not immediately noticed, can be very serious. Standing water can quickly spread and possibly cause irreversible damage. They want to stress that when they visit a home or property to provide restoration work, they will be treating the home as if it is their own. They are ready to offer their services 24 hours a day at any day of the week.

Camren Harris, a spokesperson for Prime Restoration, says, “Whether your circumstance needs immediate help or you can arrange services in advance, we’ve created precisely designed methods for quickly restoring your property to a pre-loss state. It begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the damages in order to properly grasp the magnitude of the issue. After that, we’ll discuss water damage mitigation. After the mitigation phase is complete, we will begin the restoration process.”

water damage restoration provo

During the water damage mitigation process, all of the damaged items, such as the flooring, drywall, and furniture will need to be removed. They will make use of highly efficient industrial equipment to extract the excess water and then dry the affected area. They will also evaluate the structural integrity of the foundation, and they will board up the windows and cover any exposed objects with tarpaulin.

During the water damage restoration, any items that can still be salvaged and repaired will be cleaned thoroughly, disinfected, and then repaired. Those parts of the important structure of the home that have been irreparably damaged will be replaced. They will also get rid of any dangerous mold colonies that have been established. And they will perform water and moisture tests to ensure that the inside of the home will once again be a healthy environment.

They would like to advise people to be always on the lookout for signs of water damage. The faster water damage is detected, the less damage there will be and possibly structural elements of the home would not yet have reached that stage of irreparable damage. Detecting the warning signs as early as possible is vital. That is why they advise people to call Prime Restoration as quickly as possible if they suspect the presence of water damage in the home.

There are a number of potential causes of water damage in the home. The primary possible cause is burst pipes or leaking pipes. The problem is that these pipes are not always in plain view, which means that the homeowner may not notice that a pipe is leaking because it is hidden behind a wall or located under the floor. A possible indicator is a sudden unexplainable increase in the water bill. Or there may be stains or discoloration in the ceiling or walls or floors.

Founded in 2019, Prime Restoration offers 24/7 rapid response to water damage, fire damage, sudden freeze damage, or wind-caused damages to the home or property in Utah, particularly in Midway, Salt Lake City, American Fork, Wallsburg, Salem, Orem, Alpine, Park City, Mapleton, Vineyard, Provo, Heber City, Lehi, Sandy, Spanish Fork, Pleasant Grove, Payson, Linon, Springville, and neighboring cities along the Wasatch Front. They are a full-service restoration contractor who has pledged to respond to an emergency call within two hours and they will take care of everything from start to finish, whatever the size of the job. They will work with all insurance companies to take care of the client’s insurance claims from beginning to end. They have more than 20 years of insurance industry expertise and their claims have been approved by all major companies.

Those who are looking for water damage restoration service in Provo and surrounding areas can check out the Prime Restoration website, or contact them on the telephone or through email. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday.


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