Prescott News And Talk Adds Ability for Dog Parents to Post Dog of the Day

Prescott, AZ #prescott-az (CNT) – PrescottNewsAndTalk.Com announced it will start including the ability for Dog Parents to upload their dog photos in Hometown Woof Post.

PrescottNewsAndTalk.Com - Hometown Dog Photo of the Day

America is in love with their pets and especially the woof kind.

Once per day Prescott News And Talk will focus on one Dog Parent per day. It will share the journey of the dog and the Dog Parent.

The Dog of the Day is part of the Hometown Woof Post series that Prescott News And Talk started earlier this month. Visit the website section here:

Troy Warren Executive Producer of Infotainment Radio which produced Woof Tips Radio for Hometown Woof Post commented, “I’ve been a dog lover and had dogs all of my life. Giving Dog Parents a chance to show off their dogs is a big thing especially during the pandemic where our furry friends keep us happy and socialized.”

PrescottNewsAndTalk.Com - Hometown Dog Photo of the Day

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