Premium Replacement Windows Offered At Banner Construction

St. Louis, MO based Banner Construction is reaching out to the community to share that they offer premium Pella replacement windows to both homes and businesses in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Founded in 1993, Banner Construction offers James Hardie Siding installation as well as premium replacement windows and doors to their customers.

According to Jessica Benbow of Banner Construction, the energy-efficient premium Pella windows are widely considered to be the best in the industry. The Pella brand has long earned a reputation for impeccable quality, and they have been a leader in window and door solutions for nearly one hundred years. As such, homeowners who turn to Pella’s products will be delighted to find that this choice enables them to drastically improve the appearance of their homes as well as the protection it enjoys.

Benbow asserts that Pella windows come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, and homeowners with a critical eye will enjoy being able to choose from an equally diverse variety of colors and materials as well. These windows can be built out of wood, fiberglass and vinyl, and each material is itself responsibly sourced to ensure only the highest standards of construction. Furthermore, most of their products are custom-made to suit the home which they are bound for, making it incredibly easy for homeowners to pick a design that suits their property’s architecture and complements its ambience. Pella’s reputation for excellence does not end there, however, as they have been recognized a total of eight times as an ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year.

This recognition attests to the fact that the window and door provider has made vast progress in their mission to preserve the environment by improving the energy efficiency of their products. This effectively means that homeowners may shop through Pella’s expansive catalog of unique, customizable, and innovative window designs, safe in the knowledge that they are doing so responsibly. Benbow adds that the use of premium products of Pella’s caliber have an additional advantage in the fact that they can increase a home’s overall value and curb appeal.

As part of their commitment to their community, Banner Construction often takes steps to raise awareness of the many options that homeowners have when it comes to improving their property. For instance, the company has published a guide to replacement windows on their website that seeks to answer as many questions on the subject as possible.

According to their website, “Getting windows replaced in your home can improve its look, increase indoor comfort, decrease your utility costs and facilitate the window cleaning process. Replacing your windows is an investment, but one that can bring long-term benefits and increase your home’s value.” They also point out that several factors can lead a homeowner to conclude that their windows need to be replaced, such as rising utility bills, unexplained drafts near the suspected window frames and even windows that are hard to open or lock.

Banner Construction’s contributions to their community have not gone unnoticed. The company boasts high review scores on multiple platforms, and their customers often leave positive comments regarding their work. Susan Simmons’ 5-Star Google review, for instance, says that, “Banner Construction did a great job with a recently completed project to replace the roof, windows and siding on my home. I wanted James Hardie Board siding, and it was important to me that I choose a contractor that is highly qualified to use these materials. I have a lot of professional experience managing projects and construction contractors. I have very high performance expectations and am attentive to the details. Banner satisfied me, and I would recommend Banner to my friends and family considering doing exterior work to their homes.”

Jessica Benbow can be reached in the event their customers have any further inquiries regarding window installation or any of the other services they offer. More information can be found on their website as well. Contact them today to learn how they can bring a premium touch to any home’s aesthetic appeal.


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