Practice Bloom Podcast Makes Medical Marketing More Accessible

Clifton, NJ-based PracticeBloom is encouraging their community to tune into their Marketing for Medical Practices podcasts for insight on the industry and tips on navigating its challenges. This show regularly explores the various niches of marketing in the medical field and shares a great deal of expert advice that could greatly benefit such institutions. New listeners may be particularly interested in their recent episodes, which look into how successful medical practices have kept themselves afloat during the pandemic.

Given the immense hurdles brought about by the need to take social distancing into account, PracticeBloom believes that medical practices around the country need every advantage they can get to ensure their services can reach people in need. Certain institutions may even depend heavily on close contact with patients to ensure they feel cared for, particularly if the services rendered take their emotional well-being into account.

In a recent episode (which was uploaded to Youtube on December 29, 2020), PracticeBloom Founder and CEO Matt Coffy discussed the issue with MDConsultingNY CEO Erica Breining. Coffy says, “the opportunity is unique for those who want to take advantage of it.” To illustrate why he believes this is the case, he refers to a recent real-world example in which a practitioner took a look at Black Friday and Cyber Monday and came up with an innovative approach that drove sales. The title of the podcast, ‘154 - A client sells $67,543 in gift cards over this Black Friday holiday for his med spa,’ instantly reveals why this approach was considered a massive success.

According to Breining, the client in question created a gift card offer for Black Friday that took 15% off certain services. The med spa allowed customers to purchase this gift card through several mediums, including online platforms (such as their official website), over the phone and so on. Crucially, customers did not have to visit the med spa in person to buy this gift card, and Breining suggests that one of the key reasons behind their success was the fact that purchasing the card was itself a smooth and easy process for each customer — no matter how they chose to obtain it.”

She adds, “We texted this message, we put it on social media, we emailed it. We made it very simple for people to buy online from home, and the one particular client did close to $70,000 in gift card sales over one weekend alone, which was nearly double what they did last year.”

Breining states that her team has not seen a dip in demand for such services; in fact, demand appears to be, “extremely high.” She believes that this may partially be due to the fact that many still want to maintain their beauty and look amazing. Given the season, many people were likely to be on the lookout for presents they could give to friends and family as well. On the other hand, she says that one important factor to consider is that, “a gift card allows them to use that service at any time, so even if they may not want to use it now, it will be good for when they are ready.” In practice, this makes the gift card an asset with an extended shelf life, and customers would presumably be interested in redeeming it once social distancing protocols were no longer necessary.

Coffy hypothesizes that the demand curve for beauty and similar services, including those offered by med spas as well as plastic surgeons and so on, may have skyrocketed in recent months because more people have had to implement video conferencing into their daily routine. Services that address the face in particular, he observes, have seen an upward trend in demand as a result of this phenomenon.

The discussion so far only encompassed about four minutes of the full 30-minute episode, which can be viewed immediately on the PracticeBloom: Medical Marketing and Advertising for Doctors Youtube channel. Those interested are welcome to view it in full to learn more on the subject. Older episodes (which cover a range of topics) can also be found here, and viewers are advised to follow PracticeBloom on their preferred social media channels to stay apprised of new uploads. The company’s Facebook page, for instance, provides regular updates on their latest news and announcements as well as other exclusive content.


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