Practice Bloom Offers Their Expertise In Chiropractic Marketing

PracticeBloom, based in Clifton, New Jersey, is pleased to offer their expertise in medical marketing to chiropractic practices that wish to enhance their visibility across online platforms. The company also offers online marketing programs designed specifically for chiropractic and orthopedic practices.

According to PracticeBloom, building a successful chiropractic marketing campaign is a simple process. One must start with a great offer, turn it into a Facebook Ad, an Instagram Ad and a Google Adwords Ad before they link the ads to a beautiful landing page. This page has to be designed to convert people into more viable prospects by using forms that collect certain details, like names and email addresses. The next step is to nurture the prospective patients from the landing pages into an online booking calendar and retarget the people who viewed the website but did not convert. The result is generally a steady stream of leads and appointments each month.

An interactive and attractive website will generate leads for a chiropractic practice. From logo design and business card creation to full-blown chiropractic marketing websites and web design, PracticeBloom can handle it all. The team has developed hundreds of websites that look great, load fast and look great on a mobile device. They can help a practice generate key content (such as client testimonials and testimonial videos) that will increase conversion, generate leads, generate new patients and grow the client’s chiropractic care practice.

According to PracticeBloom’s experts, the ability to attract new prospective patients by ranking at the top of search engines like Google is considered the holy grail of chiropractic marketing. The local community is searching daily for terms relevant to a chiropractic practice — and that traffic is free and costs a practice nothing if they are at the top. The world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed significantly since the days when meta tags, guest blogging, business listings and blog posts were all one needed to rank well. The company’s ProfitEngine marketing programs begin with great ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google — perfectly targeted to a practice’s potential patients. Stay up to date with industry news and new strategies on the company’s Facebook page.

When advertising on Facebook and Instagram, visuals are key. Most companies rely on stock images when creating ads. The social media team at PracticeBloom can help them generate unique photos and videos that they will use when creating the ads, which will significantly increase a client’s click-through-rate and the amount of ad traffic that gets sent to their new landing pages. To quote the company, “No matter the platform, it's also critical to get the targeting parameters right. Radius, sex, income status, interests, negative keywords and more — configuring targeting is a science that our Paid Traffic team has perfected through years of experience in chiropractic marketing. Perfect ads are just a piece of a larger puzzle, however, which leads us to the importance of landing page design.”

Investing in top-quality landing pages is critical for a client’s chiropractic or orthopaedic marketing because they are paying for the traffic that will view the page. Any deficiencies in landing pages will directly result in a loss of revenue. A clinic’s landing pages need to look great, load almost instantly and have a crystal-clear call to action. Being device-friendly is an added benefit. Aspects such as lead to conversion automation and retargeting are explained in more detail on the company’s official website and YouTube channel as well.

The company further cautions that, “Social Media Marketing is a buzzword. When it comes to marketing for chiropractors, you need a plan that is much more than just writing blogs every day and posting updates on Facebook and Instagram. That's called social media management, which is very different from a true chiropractic marketing strategy and will result in a lot of wasted time.” The importance of social media management and targeted marketing is a crucial aspect in advertising for a clinic.

The success of the company’s efforts is clearly seen in their client testimonials. Dr. Kevin Booth states on the company website that, "SEO in our area has always felt impossible. There are a ton of chiropractors surrounding us, and they all have their own websites, so no matter what we did we couldn’t rank higher than page 3 or 4 on Google. But we heard about PracticeBloom from our network and how they specialized in healthcare SEO. Long story short, it’s been three years and we regularly compete for our best keywords. Sometimes I regret it, because with all this business it’s hard to take a day off!"

To learn more about PracticeBloom, one may visit their official website and social media channels. They may also be contacted via phone and email.


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