Practice Bloom Offers Medical Practice Marketing During The Pandemic

PracticeBloom, a New Jersey-based medical practice marketing agency, would like to reach out to local medical practices that may need assistance with attracting potential clients online. The agency has seen a surge in the demand for medical practice marketing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced such institutions to strengthen their efforts in this regard. This applies even to practices that may not necessarily have had to market themselves before the pandemic started. The agency, fortunately, guarantees an increase in patients and profits, even during this crisis.

“The virtual space is a whole different world: your real-world healthcare practice reputation and brand mean very little to patients who are used to the active and aggressive marketing methods of social media and the Internet,” says PracticeBloom. “For many patients online, a professional medical website with active content and social media is no longer just a bonus: it’s a necessity when searching for their preferred physicians. For any patient looking for the doctor they can trust, your marketing medical content and overall online presence is just as important as your healthcare experience and expertise. This means optimizing your website for curious patients, creating a steady knowledge base of reliable marketing medical content filled with valuable information and showing your potential new patients and current patients that your clinic is modern, active and ready to serve in whatever way your physicians can.”

The agency offers a number of services aimed at helping medical practices reach more people. Medical spa marketing is only one area which PracticeBloom specializes in. With the agency’s help, medical spas can increase their bookings for a number of services, including Botox and other injectables, lip and facial dermal fillers, breast augmentation and more. Their comprehensive, custom digital marketing strategies have produced great results for a number of medical spas, and one can be sure that PracticeBloom will produce noticeable results within a short period.

PracticeBloom also offers plastic surgery marketing. Through Social Media Strategies that generate leads, PracticeBloom can increase the number of plastic surgery patients a practice receives. “A great cosmetic surgery marketing campaign always begins with an offer,” says the agency. “That offer gets turned into an ad on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. Those ads will drive targeted traffic to a beautiful landing page. They can claim the offer, becoming a ‘new lead.’ This is the first step of our marketing strategies. Our nurture automation takes it from there, texting and emailing your new leads daily. Those messages range from critical information, patient testimonials, personal messages from your surgeon, etc. Their goal is to address the hangups that prevent a patient from making a decision to convert into an appointment on your calendar.” One can find out more by contacting PracticeBloom through their Facebook page.

PracticeBloom all but guarantees the success of any clinic via medical practice marketing from their experts. Whatever the practice’s budget and goals are, PracticeBloom can help create an effective online marketing campaign. The agency has the tools and expertise needed to increase email reach and maximize the practice’s Google rank.

Many of PracticeBloom’s clients have left testimonials praising the agency and their work. Dr. Bethie Park says, “PracticeBloom is one of the most efficient companies out there. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t know anything about numbers and analytics, but the way they explained it to me made so much sense that I just had to try it. They have a page where I could check how my business is improving in real-time, so you know they’re really professional. Complete package offered! 5 Stars to you guys!”

Another doctor, Dr. Kevin Booth, shares, “SEO in our area has always felt impossible. There are a ton of chiropractors surrounding us and they all have their own websites, so no matter what we did, we couldn’t rank higher than page 3 or 4 on Google. But we heard about PracticeBloom from our network and how they specialized in healthcare SEO. Long story short — it’s been three years and we regularly compete for our best keywords. Sometimes, I regret it, because with all this business it’s hard to take a day off!”

For more information, visit the practice’s YouTube Channel. Clients may also learn more about the company’s work by browsing their website.


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