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MeetPositives.com is the nation’s biggest website and online community that offers safe and inclusive dating for positive singles.

The site is the fastest-growing STD community in the country. It has been named as the #1 trusted STD dating site based on a 2019 survey of over 2000 US positive singles. It has also won the Editor’s Choice Award from DatingNews.com, an online publication that offers the most extensive coverage of the dating industry. USA Today also called Meetpositives.com “The New Face of STD Dating". The website is available and active in major cities and rural areas of all major markets, including, but not limited to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, and Russia.

The website solves a real need for positive singles as dating while suffering from an STD is an uphill battle for the many individuals around the world who live with them. STDs are almost universally stigmatized as they are erroneously associated with immoral or licentious sexual behavior. The truth of the matter is that a lot of the individuals who live with STDs contracted the diseases through no fault of their own through someone that they loved and trusted.

Living with STDs is already as hard as it is. Dating with STDs is further complicated due to the stigma attached to them as it becomes very difficult to find partners who are considerate enough to overlook the condition, be non-judgmental and accept the person for who they are. STD singles report being shunned by potential mates if they disclose their condition outright before courtship. STD singles also say that concealing one’s condition and hoping to break the news to one’s partner after a semblance of emotional intimacy is established, in the hopes that they will eventually accept them, rarely works out and most often leads to wasted time, severed ties, and heartbreak.

MeetPositives.com aims to cut through the complications that STDs can bring into the life of someone who is putting themselves out there with genuine intentions of finding true love in the form of a caring partner. Since its inception, the company has focused on creating an inclusive and accepting community that fosters an open discussion about living with STDs and brings together people that understand the struggles that others like them are going through.

The website has largely succeeded in its mission as it boasts a membership of tens of thousands of STD singles all around the country. The website’s demographics are 51% men and 49% women, affording individuals from each gender a healthy chance of finding someone they might someday form a special bond with. The company says that hundreds of messages are sent to and from its servers every hour, validating its role in helping create hundreds of matches every day.

The website leverages over two decades of matchmaking experience to help its users find others who match their preferred criteria. The website allows users to search by location or by STD/STI. It also allows users to match with others based on disease, preference, gender, or intent such as love, romance, fun, marriage, or friendship. The website recently launched an Android app that allows users to enjoy all the features of the website natively on their Android-powered smartphones.

The CEO of the company John Lombardi talks about its services by saying, “We look at the work that we do here at MeetPositives.com as a way to bring joy and happiness back into the lives of our users. We are intimately familiar with their struggle and want to do what we can to ease their search for mutual respect and companionship. We reject the narratives spun by self-righteous and overly critical voices that seek to make those living with STDs feel shame and guilt for their condition and make it hard for them to find happiness. We are here to fully support STD positive singles through the struggles that they face and help them find the love and compassion that they need and deserve.”


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