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MeetPositives.com is delighted to share that their members have found a great deal of use in joining the platform, particularly where romance and self-discovery are concerned. While the site is best known for being a herpes dating website, it welcomes positive singles no matter what Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) they live with. As such, given how many people suffer from such afflictions in the US and around the world, its members have discovered they have a lot to gain by taking part in everything MeetPositives.com has to offer.

Jack Lombardi of MeetPositives.com states, “The issue with STDs—and living with STDs once your status is common knowledge—is that many social circles have a distinct stigma when it comes to people with a positive status. In fact, it may be accurate to say that the majority of social circles have this stigma to one degree or another. While this might appear reasonable to an outside party at first glance, the truth is that many of these perspectives are based on long-disproven myths and unfounded fears.”

In recent times, for instance, STDs such as herpes and HIV are far more manageable today than they ever were before, and their reputation is based on outdated (and often erroneous) information. However, this does not mean that changing hearts and minds is an easy task, especially given how people tend to act on their emotions rather than their sense of reason in such matters. Similarly, societal change will likely be a gradual process as well. In the meantime, Lombardi asserts that there is a better way for positive singles to foster fulfilling relationships of all kinds. They could join a platform designed specifically for them and interact exclusively with other people who know what it is like to live with their condition.

“MeetPositives.com gives you the opportunity to live life as you deserve, in communication and contact with like-minded people who know what you are going through,” he says. “Such an environment is ideal to pursue a relationship in because it effectively eliminates the pressure of bringing up your positive status with a significant other. Everyone you meet on MeetPositives.com is just like you, and what may be the hardest part of the conversations you have is therefore no longer an issue.”

As MeetPositives.com explains on their website, the goal of the platform is to allow their members to feel normal in a relationship once more. The difficult conversations about status need not take place any more, and with this goes the fear of upending an otherwise excellent relationship when the time comes to reveal a potentially upsetting fact about themselves. When everyone shares the same secret, it ceases to be an issue. On MeetPositives.com, a person’s STD is allowed to be the least relevant aspect of their lives, as it should be.

The platform adds, “At Meet Positives, we are not only interested in helping you find love, but also making it last long-term. For this reason, we provide free advice and tips on how to build a strong relationship that will lead to happiness. We have created a community where you can share all of your concerns and information that you feel will help others. From this community, you will also get something in return. You will receive important details about how to handle your condition and how to live well with other positives.”

The platform’s members take advantage of the fact that it chooses matches based on a complex array of factors that take their positive status into account, among many other aspects of their lives (including their preferences). MeetPositives.com makes it their priority to connect each of their members with other positive singles who they are most likely to have long-lasting and fulfilling relationships with.

Those who wish to explore the subject further and learn more about MeetPositives.com, its goals and so on are welcome to reach out to Jack Lombardi for further details. More information can be found on the MeetPositives website as well.


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