Portland Solar Pros Makes Solar Installation In Portland OR Easier With New Website

Portland Solar Pros would like to reach out to Portland, Oregon homeowners who may be in search of a solar installation service. Their new website makes it quick and easy to get a quote with a new and improved contact form. The company offers solar panel installation in and around Portland for both commercial and residential use. With their team of highly qualified solar experts, the company helps many homeowners and businesses reduce or eliminate entirely their reliance on electricity from utilities.

As the company observes, there is little to be done about the increasing cost of electricity. Getting one’s electricity from the grid can be very expensive, yet the vast majority of people are completely reliant on the grid for their power. This, in addition to being very costly, puts consumers at the absolute mercy of utility companies — which can almost arbitrarily decide what they charge for one’s electricity usage. Solar technology is one way to get away from utility companies by allowing consumers to produce their own electricity. The cost effectiveness and reliability of solar power has improved over the years, and solar power is now one of the most viable sources of off-the-grid power.

“We are the number one solar power company in the greater Portland area,” says Portland Solar Pros. “We have been in business for years, and throughout that time, we have taken every opportunity we can to grow and evolve. We use only the best contemporary solar components, and employ all of the latest systems and techniques. We are an outgoing, hardworking team of people who will work efficiently and quickly to make sure that your solar array is set up without a hitch, lowering your bills and carbon footprint at the same time!”

The company offers a wide range of services related to solar power, acting as a one-stop-shop for all things solar in Portland. They provide solar panels, solar power, residential solar cells, commercial solar panels fit on to new construction and much more. The company works with only the most qualified tradesman and uses the most advanced technology to give clients the highest quality solar solutions at very low rates.

Portland Solar Pros’s services extend to both commercial and residential consumers. For residential consumers, solar panels offer a wide range of advantages. Portland Solar Pros says, “If you own a home, residential solar panels can be installed with the intention of cutting utility bills, improving the marketability or value of your home, or with more altruistic goals for saving the environment by using fully renewable energy sources. Regardless of your reasons, our residential solar arrays are designed and installed on a completely custom basis, with the configuration of your home, budget and energy needs all in mind. We will not recommend a system that does not perform, so solar panels will always be a guaranteed good investment.”

Commercial clients often find that solar technology offers a long list of advantages, often even more than it does in a residential setting. Commercial consumption is usually a lot higher than residential variants, with businesses having to carry out electrically demanding tasks or cater to a larger number of people. Businesses, however, tend to have a lot more room for solar panels, which means more energy production. Rooftops are also, usually, a lot less visible and so aesthetics cease to be a concern when installing solar panels on such properties.

A number of people want to go off the grid completely, and Portland Solar Pros has ways to help them do just that. A battery backup system allows the consumer to, as Portland Solar Pros says, ‘flip the script’ on their relationship to utilities, turning the grid into their backup and their solar system into their main source of electricity. This combination allows both homeowners and businesses to become completely energy independent.

A number of people have had Portland Solar Pros install their solar system, and the majority of them have had nothing but good things to say about the company. One customer, Lindsey, says, “After we had solar panels installed on our roof, we decided to go all green and get an electric car. We went back to our previous solar company, Portland Solar Specialists, and they installed a solar powered EV charger. We will never have to pay for fuel again!”

For more information on the company visit the following link: https://portlandsolarpros.com. The company’s representatives can also be reached for further details.


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