Port Richmond Carpet Cleaning Provider Comes To Local Walmart’s Aid

I Clean Carpets And So Much More, a Willow Grove, PA-based carpet cleaning service, is proud to announce that they have risen to the occasion when called to help with emergency flooding and restoration at the Port Richmond Walmart in Philadelphia.

The call for help came after rioting and looters smashed their way into the Walmart store. A few succeeded in breaking in through the roof and broke several water pipes. This chain of events caused major flooding across the store, which in turn caused major damage to the property. Seth Brower, the lead technician of the carpet cleaning company, was contacted by a representative at Jon-Don who stated that they needed to get professional carpet cleaning and restoration businesses involved to help with the water damage and clean up as quickly as possible. Brower comments, "I had seen the news and watched in shock at the destruction and damage caused by the looting. It was hard to see our city in such turmoil, as if 2020 hasn't been tough enough already."

Brower also went on to describe the damage done to the Port Richmond Walmart as follows; "On arrival at the store, it looked like a hurricane had hit the place. Police were everywhere and only allowed the carpet cleaning and restoration crews inside after midday to get to work. We were informed that we had to leave by 4:00pm due to concerns from local authorities of more possible rioting that night. By 10:00am Friday morning, we went back in and got back to work. It was upsetting to see the damage to local businesses and looting. I love this city and the people of PA. I'm glad that our crew could help out, and I'm looking forward to better days ahead." Learn more about the company here: https://icleancarpetsandmore.com/

The carpet cleaning service has built a sterling reputation in the local community over the last few years due to the high standards they adhere to. The company is run by a husband and wife duo Seth and Ashleigh Brower with Seth, the husband, doing all the manual work with his technicians while Ashleigh, his wife, oversees operations including marketing and customer service. The carpet cleaning service has been described as very friendly and professional, and they are currently looking to expand their operations. The company focuses on ensuring the best service for their local community and were glad to aid the restoration of the Port Richmond Walmart.

Brower has been in the carpet cleaning industry for over 10 years and decided to expand and begin his own business in recent years. After experiencing subpar work and bad equipment under his last employer, Brower wanted to start his own cleaning service, with his goal being to provide high quality service using high quality equipment. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a large increase in demand for service — and the company has been labeled an essential service — which means they are available to clean carpets and more throughout the week. Both Seth and Ashleigh Brower place great emphasis on hygiene as well, which makes them one of the best cleaning services to work with during this pandemic. The duo took on the opportunity to give back to the community with their usual efficiency and high standards. Learn more here: https://www.facebook.com/carpets27/

The company is a trusted local provider of residential and commercial carpet cleaning services. They offer a wide range of services which include steam cleaning, hot water extraction, carpet stain removal, odor removal, tile and grout cleaning and more. New carpets do not take much time to show signs of wear and tear, be it because of pets or children or simply through normal everyday use. Water damage can also ruin a carpet. Eventually, every carpet needs to be cleaned professionally to rid it of stains and dirt.

Their standard of service is evident in the positive response their work has received from their clientele. For instance, Lynda Maurer states in a 5-Star Google review, “I call Seth every time I need reliable cleaning. He is always on time and the job is always perfect! In a few words, this is a great and hard working company I can highly recommend to anyone!”

For more information about the services offered, one may visit the company website. One may also contact Seth and Ashleigh Brower of I Clean Carpets and More for further inquiries via phone or email.


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