Popular Surrey Jewelry Workshop Ready to Create Holiday Season Treasures

Surrey, BC - Now is the perfect time for Jewellery Clinic to create the perfect piece for the upcoming holiday season.

Surrey-based Jewellery Clinic has created special custom rings, necklaces, watches, and other pieces for customers for over two decades. Owner Guaicaipuro Rodriguez says the holiday season is always one of his favorite times of year to be in the custom jewelry business because there are so many special occasions to celebrate and joy to share with his customers.

Custom jewelry Surrey BC

“When they come here, they know they are getting master grade levels of skill and attention for their piece,” Rodriguez says. “So whatever the occasion may be, whether it’s a specific holiday, engagement, wedding, or another family event, this is the perfect time and place to have the work done, and we could not be more excited to begin right away.”

Since opening its doors, Jewellery Clinic has built countless custom treasures that inevitably become family heirlooms. Christmas and New Year are popular occasions for engagements and other commemorative events, and Rodriguez says his team is typically quite busy this time of year as customers begin planning on asking their special someone for marriage or are planning some other special gift. Recently they added two new machines which allow them to perform laser engraving, and watch and timepiece waterproofing services.

“Taking the time to really understand what the customer wants, and giving them ample time to review and approve little changes and details that pop up along the way are all important steps in giving life to their unique piece of jewelry,” Rodriguez says. “For those interested in having a piece created or repaired in time for Christmas or New Year, it is important to contact us now before we become overbooked and cannot deliver the item before the holidays are over. No one wants to be stuck waiting until next year!”

About Jewellery Clinic

Composed of a highly-skilled, passionate team of professional goldsmiths and jewelers, Jewellery Clinic offers more than 20 years of experience as an accredited company recognized by the Diamond Council of America. Every piece of jewelry that comes through their door (and the customer who comes with it) is given exceptional levels of personal care and attention. Jewelry Clinic’s standards of excellence have made it a namesake throughout the Surrey community and beyond for quality care, unprecedented service, and absolute passion for what they do.

Those interested in learning more about Jewellery Clinic should visit their website at https://www.jewelleryclinic.com or call the North Surrey store at 604-584-1617, or the South Surrey store at 604-385-3812.


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