Popular Child Care Center in Pasadena Texas is Pleased That Available Slots are Being Filled Quickly

Pal's Activity Center has been serving the daycare needs of those in the Pasadena, TX area since 1983. This family-run daycare center has seen its services increase in popularity every year and the current year is no exception as they have just announced they only have a few daycare slots left available. Part of this daycare facility’s popularity is that they specialize in providing children with an environment that allows them to learn and grow while having fun. It’s a daycare that also caters to a wide group of ages as they provide their educational childcare services to toddlers, infants, and children that range in age from 6-weeks to 13-years old.

Director Deepa Rao, who also owns the daycare center, says, “We are so happy that our available daycare slots are filling up as fast as they are. Not only is this good from a business standpoint but it also shows that life is getting back to being closer to normal again. Something that we can all use after a trying last few years. Our staff and I pledge to do whatever it takes to keep us one of the most progressive and in-demand daycare facilities in the Pasadena area.”

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Rao went on to say that there is nothing more that she would like to do than to make additional slots available but that simply is not possible. That’s because there are strict licensing guidelines that regulate the number of children per room and how many children each staff member is allowed to supervise. These guidelines pertain to children in all age categories. She added that unfortunately, there is even a waiting list for some rooms and age ranges. That’s why she encourages those that are looking for a competent daycare facility in Pasadena to contact them right away. There is even a form on the daycare center’s website that can be used to get in contact with their staff and can also be used to get a child’s name on the list right away. This daycare’s director added that there is no charge to place a child’s name on the list and it doesn’t require any type of commitment on a parent or guardian’s part. Registering also secures the option of a child attending Pal's Activity Center when they are ready.

The director of this daycare in Pasadena, TX believes that part of their popularity is also due to the great lengths that their staff goes to in order to provide the perfect environment for active kids. They realize how easily children get bored these days and take steps to ensure they always have activities available that will keep kids mentally and physically engaged. She also talked about the various curriculums that they offer that enable them to do this. That includes furthering a child’s communication and language skills. They also have activities that will aid in a child’s physical development and help them with their personal, social, and emotional development too. Math, art, and history are some of the specific learning areas that children can partake in if they choose. Rao also stressed that they go out of their way to provide a safe environment for the children that attend the daycare and Pal's Activity Center fully believes they have a responsibility to be a daycare center that promotes equality and values diversity.

Those whose children have attended Pal’s Activity Center speak very highly of the experience. Marina Mendoza stated in her 5-star review, “I have my 1-year-old attending PALS since April 2021 and I see the excitement she has in her face when I go to drop her off. She loves her teachers and they are great at communicating with me about her needs. Very clean and organized facility. I highly recommended it.” Cristal Merlan proclaimed, “Friendly staff! I love taking my kids to Pals and my kids love going! Highly recommend!” Those that are interested in learning more about the services this reputable child care in Pasadena, TX facility offers can do so by calling them, sending them an email, or filling out the contact form that’s found on their website.


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